Keystone Fuzion Annually a Best Seller

Toy hauler is a term for a recreational vehicle that has been specifically designed for the purpose of allowing its owner to bring along his or her motorcycles, all terrain vehicles and even automobiles or dune buggies. This is accomplished either through a garage within the vehicle or on a special platform outside the vehicle. A toy hauler can come in the form of a travel trailer, 5th wheel camper, pop-up trailer or motorhome. The size of a toy hauler can range from a small RV that can be towed with a ½ ton pickup all the way up to a gigantic motorhome. Some toy haulers are quite Spartan with just the basic features required to survive a long weekend and some are outfitted with all the luxuries youd expect to see in a fine home. Accordingly, prices can vary from $5,000 for a small, used pull behind travel trailer to more than a million dollars for a decked out motorhome.

The best selling segment of the toy hauler market is the larger, 5th wheel toy haulers like the Keystone Fuzion. The Fuzion toy hauler happens to be one of the top selling toy haulers and RVs in the country and has been so for a very long time. The Fuzion is an iconic brand that is easily recognized because of its distinctive exterior graphics. Keystone has kept this great RV on the best seller list all these years by keeping it on the cutting edge of design and technology. Its a spacious, comfortable vehicle, especially when you consider that a large part of the space in this RV is dedicated to the garage area.

At the heart of every toy hauler is the garage. Fortunately, Keystone builds the Fuzion in a great many configurations that offer many different garage options. After all, the needs of someone with a dirt bike or two are entirely different than someone who might be hauling around a couple of large multi-passenger ATVs or even a race car. Keystone has also done a great job with their tie-down systems so any kind of vehicle can be secured for safe travel, even on the most demanding roads. They also come equipped with a variety of fueling stations designed to meet the needs of a variety of motorcycles and ATVs.

The living areas of these great toy haulers are really well designed and well equipped. Given that the garage does eat up a great deal of space, it is amazing how spacious the living areas in a Fuzion feel. In some toy haulers, you really feel like youve been squeezed into the proverbial sardine can. Not so with the Keystone Fuzion. They are roomy and they are outfitted with the very best appliances including the latest state-of the-art flat screen TVs. The fit and finish of these RVs is truly remarkable. Cabinets are real aged hardwoods and all the fixtures and hardware are the same quality youd find in a custom built home.

This is a toy hauler that should be on your short list if you are doing some serious shopping. This vehicle has a great reputation thats well deserved.

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