Keeping Your Love Alive With Couples Counselling

All couples encounter challenges and face tough times. The stress and strain of modern life work, traffic, financial worries, and social pressures take a toll. Sometimes it seems like there is no hope to save the relationship and your next stop will be divorce court, but it is never too late. As long as both parties are willing to make an effort, relationships can be repaired. With couples counselling, couples in distress can find healing and rebuild their relationships for a future they can look forward to with genuine love and respect for each other again.

It is never too late if both parties are willing to make an effort, and attending relationship therapy is often the first step. It may seem bleak if a couple is fighting frequently, communicating poorly or not at all, or unwilling to spend time together. But even if a couple has separated and the parties are living apart, if they both genuinely want to make the relationship work enough to make an effort, be responsible for their part in the problems, and be open to sacrificing a little bit of their own vision of exactly how everything should be, they can rebuild their relationship with the support and guidance of a trained and experienced counsellor.

How Can Couples Counselling Help?

Some couples fail to seek help because they dont understand how a professional counsellor can make a difference. But a good therapist really can steer a couple onto the road to repairing their relationship, if that is what both of them truly want. Why is that?

A professional counsellor has an outside perspective that allows him or her to see the dynamics between the couple clearly. Even friends and family will have their own perspective and see things in terms of how they feel about each partner. A professional counsellor will not have a history with either party, and will be a fresh observer, able to see how misunderstandings and unresolved conflicts are damaging the relationship.

While the details are specific and unique, the larger dynamics are not. A counsellor will have a solid education in psychology, communication and human dynamics, and that means he or she will be able to see the big picture of what is going wrong and how to solve the problems and heal the hearts.

Often partners become frustrated and angry because their differing communication styles mean one or both feels they are not heard, and thus not valued. But a trained and experienced counsellor will be able to observe and understand each partys communication style and teach the couple techniques to develop better communication. Meanwhile, the counsellor will also ensure that both parties are heard and respected in the therapy session.

The key to making counselling work is being committed to it, according to Georgina Holt of Relationships can be saved with couples counselling, and it is easy to find great counsellors in the city.

As long as both partners want to make things work, a good counsellor can help them repair and rebuild their relationship. For more information, please visit:

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