Keep These Castles in Mind Next Time You’re in Malta

In Malta, it’s not all about sunscreen and sand between your toes. Unknown to many, this popular holiday destination is also home to several stunning, ancient castles. Even if you’re visiting the country for a day or two, you really shouldn’t miss these gems.

The almost perpetual sunshine makes appreciating the impressive architecture even more enjoyable. It’s like stepping into the glossy pages of a history magazine, all while enjoying the perks of being at a seaside holiday destination. These are some of the best castles in the area and you should definitely try to visit them as soon as possible after your Malta airport taxi has delivered you to the door of your accommodation.

Castello Dei Baroni

Being an important part of Maltese history, this magnificent castle is perched atop a hill in the northern village of Wardija, located in St Paul’s Bay. It’s amazing that this monument still retains many of its original features, considering it was built in 1783. It’s now a popular venue for weddings and is also open to visitors.

Tal Virtu Castle

In the Rabat area within the northern region of the country, you can spot this breathtaking castle. It was abandoned for many years before it was purchased by a private buyer in the 1990s. While it’s still privately owned, so not open to the general public, its external structure still makes for a wonderful photo opportunity. Since it’s situated at the top of Tal Virtu plateau, you can also enjoy 360-degree views of the surrounding areas.

Selmun Palace

This palace has an interesting structure as it was built to look like a castle. Located in the laidback town of Mellieha, it’s popularly known as the Selmun Tower. Don’t be fooled by the palace’s lavish appearance, it also has a philanthropic history. In 1607, during the rule of Grand Master Alof de Wignacourt, it was constructed by the charity Monte della Redenzione degli Schaivi, mainly as a sanctuary to save Christians who had been made slaves by the Ottomans.

Fort St Angelo

Also known as the Castle by the Sea, this one’s history can be traced back to the Middle Ages. It served as a fort to protect Malta against the Turks during the Great Siege of 1565. While it was originally a castle, it was rebuilt and repurposed by the Knights of the Order of St John, to function as their headquarters.

How to Get There

The most convenient way to get to Malta is to take one of the many well-priced and convenient flights from the UK. If you book your tickets well in advance, you will benefit from a wide range of choices at your disposal. You can pre-book Malta Airport taxis, so once you land it’s as simple as that to get to the door of your accommodation!

If you’re looking for a holiday destination which offers a good dose of Vitamin Sea, yet also has some great heritage monuments to discover, look no further. All you need to do is book your tickets and your Malta Airport taxis to and from your accommodation. Then get ready for memorable getaway!NULL This article is copyright free.