The furthest south of all European capital cities is Valletta. It sits between two harbours at the far southeast of the archipelago of Malta. Most of its architecture dates to the Baroque period, though modern stylings work their way in, especially to rebuild areas damaged by war. All this makes it an interesting place to visit, and each of the bars on this list brings something unique to the table.

Malta’s warm climate has also helped it become a popular tourist destination, ensuring you can explore without worrying about travel. Valletta is a short drive from Malta Airport, taxis in town are plentiful and flights are often affordable.

With all this in mind, why not read more about Valletta’s thriving bar culture?

Django Jazz Bar

211 Republic Street

Malta has a long history of jazz music. Arriving with Allied sailors in both WWI and WWII, jazz filtered into the city via Strait Street. Django, named for famous guitarist Django Reinhardt, does great work both keeping that tradition alive and evolving it for modern audiences, with performances ranging from older styles to modern blues and rock.

Fun Fact: As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Valletta maintains many historical curiosities – including the ‘Borg’s Bakers’ sign which still hangs above Django’s door.

Loop Bar

Loop, Strait Street

This is another hangout with a vintage feel; the art-deco interior and decades-old art pieces will make you feel like you’ve jumped back to the 1950s. Come along to eat, drink and experience a classier, bygone age.

Tico Tico

62 Strait Street

Allied sailors helped bring jazz to Malta via Strait Street – but what brought them to this area in particular? It’s near ports, sure, and it was a time well before Malta Airport, taxis or even much in the way of roads… but why this street?

You can probably guess the answer. Once the city’s red light district, Strait Street was home to the oldest profession. Changing cultures saw the area fall from grace, but recent regeneration efforts have done a lot to bring it back to life – albeit in a less seedy form. Tico Tico is one of the best examples of this. It opened its refurbished doors in 2012 to offer drinks, tapas and occasional live music.

Fun Fact: Until just a decade ago, early closing times hurt bar culture in Valletta. Relaxing this has helped the city’s regeneration enormously.


89A Republic Street

Moving away from the tourist spots, this laidback bar is a favourite among young locals. It has hosted events from intimate gigs to chess competitions, but its best attraction is its commitment to ‘alternative living’. Upcycled materials jostle with obscure left-wing texts for space, creating the perfect atmosphere for those who want to enjoy the area’s contemporary youth culture.


Triq il-Fossa

Even more casual than Tico is Maori, a beachside bar with the relaxed air of a living room. It’s low down and hidden among some boathouses, but if its blue colour doesn’t grab your eye the octopus mural painted on it will!

Guests are welcome to play the guitar, stroke the cat and read the books, while hammocks are also provided to really drive home the relaxed vibe.

How to Get There

As the country is a popular tourist destination, many airlines offer affordable flights from UK airports to Malta all year round. Pre-booked Malta Airport taxis can get you from the airport to Valletta in around 20 minutes.

With all this and more to explore, and with Malta Airport taxis offering such quick journeys, why not book now? You could be relaxing with a drink before you know it!

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