Jewelry Making Supplies You Cannot Do Without

Once you decide to be a jewelry maker, you need more than beads and threads to come up with stylish items and this is where jewelry making supplies come in. You also need to have all the tools that are essential for making your jewelry. Generally, you need to have all the things you need to design your jewelry at your disposal.

To ensure you have all that you need for your jewelry making, it’s always a good idea to have a list. To have a comprehensive list, you have to know the type of jewelry you are planning to create. If you go out and buy every bead, cording material or tool that pleases you, you may find that many of them are useless to you in the end. So be aware of the type of jewelry you want to make and then sit down and write a list of the items you think you will need to make your jewelry. Some of the basic items you must include in your jewelry making supplies cabinet are.

Beads and stringing material

Stock up on a variety of beads that you will use to make your jewelry. You will find that there are many beads available so buy according to what you want to make. The stringing material you choose should match the beads you are planning to use or at least complement them so that your jewelry pieces are appealing to the eye.


In this CatID we have small items such as jump rings, clasps and ear hooks. These are basically things that complete a jewelry piece by making it secure and wearable. Otherwise, if you just string beads onto your stringing materials of choice, the item will not be complete. Get jewelry findings from Panda Hall that will enhance if not flow with the cording material you have in mind or that you can use to enhance the design of your jewelry.

Metals and wires

Not all jewelry is strung; there are others that you can create by folding of fashioning different types of metal into a shape you desire. You have seen wire shaped into amazing jewelry or wrap around bangles and the same case applies to metals such as aluminum that can make excellent bangles. Adding wire and metal to your jewelry making supplies will allow you to be flexible in your jewelry making. Wire comes in a variety of gauges and finishes so ensure that you get the right size and type of wire that you desire and the same applies for the metal you choose.

These are just a few of the basic jewelry making supplies from pandahall that you will need to start. You can easily shop for you supplies from online shops such as Panda hall where you are not only assured of good quality but also great prices. Buy your jewelry making supplies today!

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