International program on the value and measurement of Corporate Social Responsibility brings together experts from around the world

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Toronto, Canada – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can no longer be seen as a loss leader organizations deploy in order to generate positive coverage in the media. Today strategic implementation of CSR programs not only increases social capital, but also increases shareholder value and competitive advantage.

Helping professionals and organizations shift the discussion of CSR from a cost model to a value and impact model is the best way to get buy in from all stakeholders.

“By bringing together business value, social value, and environmental stewardship we give business the tools to implement programs and measure successes so as to promote CSR as a business driver,“ Says CSR Training Institute President Wayne Dunn.

From May 28th to June 1st a group of experts from around the world in the private sector, government and not-for-profits will come together at the Royalton Negril Resort in Jamaica to discuss the positive economic returns CSR programs deliver and how to measure those successes in order to properly make the business case for more investments.

Attendees will engage in lively discussions, lectures, case studies and workshops as well as get the tools training to help their organizations adopt a new approach that benefits investors, society and the environment.

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About the CSR Training Institute

With decades of experience working with CSR and Sustainability, the professionals at the CSR Training Institute help organizations worldwide align Corporate Responsibility with increased shareholder value.

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