Infrared Technologies Showcases Warmset Infrared Heating Technology at the Homebuilding and Renovation Show 2018

Infrared Technologies recently concluded a successful exhibition at the Homebuilding and Renovation Show 2018 in Birmingham. The Homebuilding and Renovation Show is an annual event in the United Kingdom that allows people to get in touch with specialists in order to bring their renovation projects and ideas to life.

As experts in infrared heating technologies, Infrared Technologies showcased some of their latest innovative products. This year, they featured the latest electric underfloor heating innovations by Warmset.

Warmset infrared underfloor heating is a new and unique technology that ensures optimum heat distribution among round heating cable systems. This is achieved with its flat shape, providing a large heat exchange surface, and the shorter distance between heating elements. Together, these elements allow the underfloor heating mat to perform more efficiently, provide better heating throughput and save more energy than competing solutions.

These innovative heating solutions are capable of delivering uniform heating through a variety of floor materials including parquet, marble or even granite. Due to the greater surface area coverage, Warmset’s infrared underfloor heating eliminates both hot and cold spots and maintains a uniform temperature throughout the surface it’s installed under.

Another advantage of Warmset’s underfloor heating solution is the simple installation that can be carried out by homeowners and doesn’t require an expert. With some basic tools and DIY knowledge, anyone can cut the heating mat to size and install it in their home. Infrared Technologies also provides a useful YouTube video to showcase just how simple installation is, However, they also offer professional installation services for all of their products.

The heat which this underfloor heating provides is unbelievable, the room is nice and fresh but at the same time anyone who walks in the room feels warm and cozy without the stuffiness in the air. -Mr. S. Saulevicius, Infrared Technologies Customer

Infrared Technologies displayed Warmset’s infrared heating solutions at the latest Homebuilding and Renovation Show 2018 in Birmingham. Show floor visitors were impressed with the demonstrations that were set up to showcase Warmset’s latest infrared heating solutions. Those same products are now available on the Infrared Technologies website for customers to order.

For more information regarding Warmet’s infrared underfloor heating solutions, please refer to the contact information below.

Lina Sumilo
Company: Eco Infrared Technologies Ltd
Address: Unit 1 30A Hawthorn Road, Winton, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH9 2QL, UK
Phone: 01202 975384


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