30988Improve Visibility And Protect Against UV Rays With The Wiser Sun Visor

The Wiser Sun Visor, a new, innovative sun-blocking product that can take any hat, visor, or cap and turn it into an effective, UV ray-free zone for individuals outside in the direct sunlight, this week officially launched their comprehensive platform for all interested consumers and frequent outdoorsmen, golfers, fishers, and the list goes on.

Borne from a passion for preventing the aging effects and increased chances for developing cancer from prolonged sun exposure, the Wiser Sun Visor device attaches easily to any brim and instantly increases the amount of shade the hat provides.

“We’ve all been there – we’re out golfing or walking around a park, and our visor caps simply don’t cover the sun exposure on our whole face, let alone our eyes,” said Don Snyder, Founder and Owner of the Wiser Sun Visor. “Not only is it distracting to have sunlight directly in our vision, it’s also harmful to our skin and helps accelerate aging in our faces. We wanted to do something about that.”

A carrying case and carabineer come with the Wiser Sun Visor package, ensuring consumers can keep their nifty product safe and close for when direct sunlight pours across their activity.

Individuals are already sharing their experiences with the Wiser Sun Visors, and have found them immeasurably helpful when golfing, fishing, and driving every day.

“Think of how many times you’ve almost missed a stop sign or red light because the visor in the car doesn’t block the rays? It’s incredibly dangerous for you and all pedestrians nearby,” said Chris Walker, Diesel Tanker Truck Driver. “Make a commitment to visibility, healthiness, and protection from UV rays with the Wiser Sun Visor today.”

For more information, or to check out the company’s new platform, visit: http://wisersunvisor.com/.
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