Ideas for Wholesale Jewelry Findings

Anyone who is in love with jewelry will do very well to consider buying wholesale jewelry findings; this is because you will end up paying up to half the amount of money you normally spend buying from a retailer. In most cases, the wholesaler will want to know your tax id or your reseller’s permit number to verify that yours is a legit business. Some of the most important business tips you need to have in mind include:

Know where to buy wholesale jewelry: There are hundreds of good suppliers for high quality affordable jewelry that anyone can resell for a profit. All that you need to do is to prove a good source of wholesale jewelry and make sure that you buy at a competitive price. You need to do some comparative shopping to find those suppliers that have good deals to offer as well as any other incentives. For those who don’t want to buy online, there are different trade shows you can attend to find such deals. You also need to carefully read their terms and conditions especially their return policy and after sales services. Where possible, join a discount club where wholesale jewelry findings are offered at highly discounted prices to members; this is the next wonderful thing apart from wholesale jewelry prices.

Know the difference between wholesale and discounted retail prices: There are a number of stores that don’t really offer wholesale prices but offer discounted retail prices pretending that they are wholesale. If you are able to overcome different challenges on buying from foreign countries, this is also another avenue that you may want to consider; you need to know what types of licenses you require for you to be allowed to buy in bulk from outside your country. Suppliers selling at wholesale will always ask for your tax id and business permit number, something retailers will not ask about.

Learn about jewelry terminology: You need to learn the lingo used by jewelry dealers and as much as possible; you should be able to know how to differentiate between genuine and fake items. There are a lot of dealers available especially online who claim to deal with authentic wholesale jewelry findings but they are not. As an example, if you want to buy gold items, you need to be able to differentiate between real gold and gold plated jewelry; some of what is called gold plated is actually imitations that won’t make you happy. The most important thing you must remember is to always learn to ask questions; a genuine wholesaler will not have a problem answering your questions and assisting you and if they don’t, take your business somewhere else.

Know the refund and exchange policy: This is extremely important because you want to know whether they have a 100% money back guarantee. You need to be sure that you can safely and unconditionally return any items you buy and discover that you are not satisfied with the entire stock. You also want to consider using legitimate online wholesale dealers because the prices will definitely be lower. Don’t forget to check the feedback and ratings from former customers before you click the mouse.

 This article has been written by Nora Gwilt who often writes articles on online jewelry and fashion magazines. Nora is someone who loves shopping for jewelry items like wholesale jewelry findings and the pandahall online jewelry store is her favorite place to buy jewelry and accessories.



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