ICO Array Now Offers a List of Trusted ICOs to Invest In

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The popularity of cryptocurrencies should not be underestimated nowadays and millions of people across the globe keep using these currency types to perform their business and financial operations. This is where such services as ICO Array will definitely come in handy.

ICO Array is a trusted ICO listing platform, which offers a variety of ICO watch lists, cryptotoken and coin ranks, ICO comparisons and other related info. Being one of the most popular forms of investment raising or attraction realized through selling of a fixed quantity of new cryptocurrency types, ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is especially in demand nowadays. Realizing this, ICO Array has made it possible to choose the variety of ICO coin offerings, coins and token sales depending upon the needs, requirements and financial abilities of investors.

All the ICOs available at the website are subdivided into a number of categories based on their types. The most popular and widely search for categories include Banking, Real Estate, Platform, Cryptocurrency, Business Services, Software, Entertainment, Investment, Internet, Infrastructure, Retail, Casino and Gambling, Communication, Media, Sports, Health, Tourism, Manufacturing, Energy, Education, Charity, Gaming, Trading, Virtual Reality, CPA Network and Other. It’s possible to choose the best ICOs not only by CatID, but also by status, platform, acceptance, start month, start year, status etc. To simplify users’ search, the website developers have made it possible to use a convenient search filter option.

The website comes with several sections, where one can browse popular ICOs, compare them and their characteristics, watch the Bounty list, track calendar events and even publish a new ICO. One may also choose between Premium ICO array options and widgets. To use the system, it’s necessary to sign up with it first.

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About the Company:

ICO Array is a popular service, which sees its mission in providing popular ICO listings, coin and cryptotoken ranks, ICO comparisons and what not. There is also an opportunity to publish a new ICO, track the event listed in the calendar, compare various offers directly at the website and perform other related actions. For the ease of use and customer convenience, all the ICOs the service offers are subdivided into a number of categories based on their types.

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