ICESPIKE provides the finest ice cleats for traction for all buyers in Peterborough

Peterborough, New Hampshire, (June 15, 2019): ICESPIKE is a company based in Peterborough, New Hampshire that is known for offering the best traction cleats for hiking for the adventure minded souls. With the help of ICESPIKE outfitted boots and shoes, it is possible for a person to go for walking and hiking on paths covered with ice and snow. These running traction cleats make it safer and easier for people to walk across passable paths and roadways on normal conditions and also on icy and slippery tracks without any sense of worry or danger. The traction cleats for hiking offered by ICESPIKE are considered to be some of the best in the industry and it is therefore no wonder that even experienced hikers loves to use them.

The runners and adventure enthusiasts, who are looking to make the best of their winter training routines love to use ICESPIKE products for the flexibility, ease of use and safety that they have to offer. ICESPIKE offers shoes that are fitted with running cleats which can deliver excellent running traction in slippery roads. One of the most important advantages of these products is that they resolve the issue of additional pressure that may get exerted over the foot. Since there is no need to use strap-on traction devices, there is no additional bulk right underneath the shoes. This means that with ICESPIKE, one gets to have non-slip running shoes that can deliver powerful, almost unparalleled traction on snow and ice.

Anyone looking to have the best traction for running shoes can rely on ICESPIKE for obtaining the finest quality products. Winter running shoes that are equipped with ICESPIKE can help users to retain their extensive range of movement as well as natural sensation of freedom. Having the shoes that offer best traction for walking on ice can also enhance the confidence of the users while they are looking to walk on ice. It is for this reason that ICESPIKE is considered to be the source of best ice cleats for walking in New Hampshire.


ICESPIKE is a leading designer and provider of ice cleats for shoes in Peterborough, New Hampshire that can be used for walking and movement on ice and snow.

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Company name: ICESPIKE
Address: 56 Robbe Farm Road
Peterborough, NH 03458
Phone Number: Toll Free from US & Canada 1-877-677-3567

ICESPIKE is a leading provider of top end cleats that offer excellent traction on ice for people who live in cold areas. All of their shoe cleats are known for robust performance.   Visit website



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