How will you design a Ruby Ring

Are you happy with the options that are available in ruby rings on the catalogue or do you wish that if given the option you will design the ruby ring on your own. Rubies are popular choice for engagement ring as this red gem represents passion and love. So if you design a ring with this gem you will win her heart and also become a star in your group. This article will help you in designing your ruby ring.

This article is for people who always love to do unique things they dont like buying things of the store but work out a unique thing by mixing two or more options. Designing your own piece of jewelry is a very rewarding experience because they last more than a life time and will always remain as a symbol of your creation. Now for designing a ring you will have to first do a little research and find a trustworthy jeweler who will create the ring of your dream.

Why Ruby is the best gem?

Palette of gems is now available in the market and each of these has a unique property but ruby is a perfect choice if you want to gift some a special souvenir that carries with it strong feelings as its beauty conquers all. Many call it the most powerful gem that gives descriptionment and peace. It is valued as a symbol of friendship and love and even for vitality and royalty. If these sentiments are closer to your thoughts ruby ring is the best option for you.

Research for the perfect ring

So, if you have decided that ruby is the gem for you, we will advise you to spend time and preview the numerous options available on the various online stores. If you really want to buy a ring that is extraordinary and you can afford to be a little more extravagant then adding diamonds as border around the ruby center stone in your choice of metal setting can be a good idea.

How to choose the right ruby?

The brilliant and bright red rubies are gems of courage and passion. So it is not for the coy and timid people. When buying this gem always give highest priority to the color. Pure and vivid red hued ruby are the most expensive in addition to this the cut and clarity also affect the value. The weight of the ruby has a considerable influence on its value and exceptionally large rubies command a really high price. Most of the rubies that are available in stores are heat treated, this is an acceptable treatment and it enhances color and the clarity of the stone.


Yellow gold setting is traditionally the preferred choice for rubies as yellow gold compliments the red ruby color though now white gold is also used in ruby settings. Some people also opt for silver ruby rings as they are easy to re-size. Now not just the metal you also have to decide how the gemstone is to be set in the ring, will it be prong, bezel channel or pave setting. To know more about all these settings you can search on the internet.

We hope these tips will help you in designing a unique ring that will be a part of your coveted jewels collection. If you have any queries or suggestions please let us know.

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