How to wash the cashmere knitting yarn sweater in daily life?

The sweater which has been made of knitting yarn could be the commonly clothes in people¡¯s everyday life. Most of people should know that the knitting yarn sweater especially for the sweater which has been made of cashmere yarn such as merino knitting yarn and Acylic knitting yarn has contained the special material. In that case, the washing for this kind of clothes would be paid more attention. However, many people usually throw the sweater which is made of cashmere knitting yarn into the washing machine to wash them.

In fact, this is the most unscientific way for the sweater washing and it would cause large damage for sweater especially the cashmere knitting yarn sweater. The damage for the sweater could be mainly caused by the turning ofthe washing machine. In that way, the sweater which has been washed by the washing machine would be definitely hard and scratchy. Even if the washing with the fabric softener, it is only the surface supple and the wool will not return to the original situation. However, the softener would be very expensive. Today, the most popular online seller which website is for knitting yarn such as wool knitting yarn would tell every people the easiest and most economical way for the washing of sweater which is made of cashmere knitting yarn.

However, the most efficiency and lowest cost way for the cashmere knitting yarn would be the using of shampoo, detergent or wool knitting yarn dishwashing which would be very commonly in people¡¯s daily life.

Step one: people should squeeze a little shampoo or dish detergent in the water. However, the volume should depend on the number of sweaters which was made of wool knitting yarns. The best situation would be the situation that the water has been produced bubble.

Step two: the sweater should be soaked into water with the shampoo for about 20 minutes However, the time should not beyond 30 minutes and the long time socking would do damage to the sweater especially the cashmere knitting yarn sweater.

Step three: when the socking for the sweater has been ended, people should gently rub the soaked sweater. Most people should wholesale knitting yarn note that they should not rub the sweater hard because the shampoo and dish detergent has already achieved the decontamination. The gentle rubbing is ok.

On the other hand, when all of the processes above have been finished, people should gently wring out the water into the sweater. However, the hard force would let the sweater become deformation. And then, they should wash it by the clean water. – Atmorn Limited is a professional supplier of hand knitting yarn in China, main products: wool knitting yarn, cashmere knitting yarn, wool acrylic knitting yarn.



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