How To Keep The Portable Toilets Discrete At Your Outdoor Wedding

Few events are as joyous and beautiful as an outdoor wedding in summer. With the sun shining down making the brides gown glitter and bringing out the carefully chosen colors in the bridesmaids dresses, the flowers bobbing gently in a soft breeze, everything is picture perfect for this momentous day of memories. Of course, there are practical considerations, and one challenge of planning an outdoor wedding is to keep the necessary but less than lovely aspects out of sight. Temporary fence rental can accomplish this.

Portable toilet rental companies can provide upscale units for formal events, and they are nothing like the usual image of a row of portable toilet units at a fair or music festival. But still, they are best kept discrete for everyones comfort and because no one wants them in the background of a wedding photo, even an informal snap by a guest.

Temporary Fence Rental Is the Solution

Happily, there is a simple solution. Temporary fencing can be rented to screen off the restroom area, offering guests increased privacy while keeping the area discrete so guests arent looking at a row of restroom units during the ceremony or reception. The companies providing the toilet units can usually also provide temporary fencing and can explain the options available in terms of height and color to keep the fence low key.

Renting a temporary fence has other benefits. It isnt just for hiding the restrooms. The fencing can also be used to screen off areas for the caterers and musicians. They can have a bit of privacy to do their jobs well without disruption and their equipment will also be discretely out of sight. This will also increase safety because guests, especially children and teens, may be tempted to fiddle with hot cooking equipment and the public address system used for the music. That can be annoying, but it can also be dangerous as there is a risk of someone getting a burn or electric shock.

Temporary fencing can also be used to mark off a staging area for the bridal party. Depending on the venue, whether it is a family home or a garden or park, the bride needs a place to make her grand entrance from. If there is not a suitable building in the right spot, the florist can make an area marked off by temporary fencing look just right so the bride can exit via an arch of flowers and balloons or whatever style of decoration she chooses.

Temporary fence rental in FL can add the right note of elegance to formal outdoor events including summer weddings. It can be used to screen off the restroom area, as well as areas for the caterers and musicians to keep their equipment. It can also be used to create a staging area for the bridal party so the bride can make a grand entrance even if there is no building to use.

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