How to Get Out of the Me-Too Business and Start Charging What You Are Worth

So you decided to build an online business a while ago? It looked so easy all you had to do was to upload a few product images and start collecting money.

You learned how to build a web site and drive traffic to it. You quickly found out that to have an online business you had to to have a site first.

And after spending countless hours on line reading how done you finally had it up and running. Then you had to teach yourself how to get visitors to it. You even know what domain, hosting and ssl certifacate is.

It felt so great when you were overcoming all this obstacles along the way and were secretly laughing at all your friends who thought that you were crazy. Pride, joy and satisfaction. You were satisfied because you did it despite the disbelief of the people around you You used to tell yourself I would prove you all wrong and sooner than later youll be bagging me to show you what how I did it.

However, even though your website is on-line and getting a few visitors here and there you arent so sure that you will find success in this endeavor. You are wondering how come you failed to notice that there are so many web sites selling exactly the same products as you do.

As a matter of fact there are 2-3 800 pound gorillas in your marketplace that suck all customers and sales and leave nothing for the small guys like you.

I know that because Ive been there and I felt exactly the same way and it is a nasty feeling. How do I know that? Its pretty simple I was in that position where the main competing web sites were kicking my behind.

When I was starting out I had my behind kicked so many times that at one point I stopped taking count. I could not sleep at night; I wasnt happy and made the people around me miserable. That made me feel sick inside. In return I was making the people around me, the people I loved feel very miserable.

Luckily, you can escape this fate..

Whats more – I stopped eating and lost a lot of weight. I got so skinny that people thought I was sick. I am sure though that things do not have to be that way.

I am here to tell you that you can have a profitable ecommerce business no matter how many other websites carry the same thing as you do. And in the article below I will show you exactly how to do that.

Despite of the fact that you dont believe it you can run a ROI positive e commerce business. Wonder how just keep reading and you will find out.

But first things first! All you want is sales, right? And plenty of them. Then you need visitors to your website and a lot of them.

There is a simple reason for that. On average only 3 percent of all website visitors buy anything. If you are wondering why here is the reason. According to multiple studies 97 of 100 visitors to your website leave it without buying anything.

Sure enough, I am here to tell you how to increase the number of people who purchase something on your website but remember that youll never be able to sell something to 100% of the visitors to your site.

First thing first you need to drive traffic to your site but how do you do that in reality?

There are millions of ways to do that, dont trust me just type the query into Google and see how many results it will return. Ive spent 6 years of my life mastering that and Im still in the beginning but in this article I wont focus on that because I want to share with you something thats more important.

What I want to share with you is much more important how to more than all your competitors who offer the same stuff sometimes at prices you can not afford to sell at unless you want not to make profit.

For the most impatient people among you this secret can be summarized in one simple sentence add value to sell. There are no two ways about it, period. Adding something additional, adding something that your customers find valuable is the only way to differentiate

But let not put the carriage before the horse and explain in simple English what value is. You might disagree with me but to me value is giving something that consumers think has value. The “thing” doesnt necessarily need to be tangible, keep in mind.

A while ago I got a call from a man I barely knew who owns an ecommerce website that sells bowling balls, bowling bags and bowling shoes the on line equivalent of the bowling pro shops in the bowling centers.

I tried my best to find a reason to buy from this guys website, but I could not. It had the same stuff as all other bowling websites and the prices were not very competitive.

So, in order to distinguish himself from those guys and give visitors a reason to purchase from him he had to add value, something that no other website was offering.

So, here is what we did he created videos showing different bowling products and told them what he liked and did not like about them.

I guess you are puzzled a little bit at this point thinking how on Earth making videos can add value to a website? The value was in the fact that the visitors to his website could see what the products looked like in reality unlike all the other sites out there.

Secondly visitors could see who they were buying from. As you know when given the chance people prefer to buy from real people not from big and dumb faceless corporations.

What we wanted to do with these videos was to bond with our customers. We wanted to make them feel like theyve known the guy forever, that hes a bowler just like them, that he is one of them.

Do you want to know how that worked out- fabulously. People responded to this very well.

The sales went up, cause they liked what we gave them. They were not just buying bowling balls, bags and shoes but were also recommending their friends to us as well. Youve probably noticed that we gave them was something intangible, something they could not take home and put it on the wall.

The value we gave them was intangible. They could not take the videos with them and put them above the fireplace. That doesnt mean that you cannot provide something that is tangible I bet you see examples of the latter multiple times every day. If youre a woman you know very well the drill get a free something with every cosmetic purchase

If we wanted to do that with the owner of the site we could have given away a small accessory for example.

You can do that too. To do that grab a pen and pad and put down all the things you could do to add value for your customers and make sure that everyone who visits your site is aware of that.

 If you want to see that for yourself go to the Storm bowling bags section of the website and after that check out the About Me page

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