How To Get More Bang For Your Buck In Australia

So its time to venture out to the ends of the earth and do Australia. It is almost as exhausting as it is exciting to think about. Well, we cant make the plane ride any quicker or the country any smaller but we sure can make it a little cheaper and whats more important than going all that way and having money to take back home? Who does that anyway? You might if you follow these few tips on food and hotels in Melbourne.

Accommodations: Well what can we say, to understand the expense of accommodations in Australia you almost have to perceive it as opposite of what you get everywhere else? Thats right like a parallel universe. See, the B&Bs and cheap hotels, you are looking at around $80-$100 U.S. but a hostel will only set you back $20 if you are willing to share, if not then for a private room you are looking at $70. But the best bet is camping and that will allow you to see the country the way it was meant to be seen and this will only cost you maximum $20 per night or a little less.

Food: Well a little bad news on this end but still a recommendation, eat at the hostels at night for and fast food because you will pay under ten bucks but if you plan on eating out at good restaurants or even grocery shopping just settle for losing a few pounds or bringing another $700 bucks with you for a three week trip.

Transportation: Guess who has Greyhound? Yes, they do and you can use them for a couple hundred dollars is you want to see the whole country on a schedule. You can also rent a camper for around $50 bucks and this is a good way to avoid hotels in Melbourne because you can sleep in them just make sure you know the where to park rules.

The coolest way to travel: Stop into a hostel and look at the board in the lobby and on the floors; there you will find all sorts of ride-share programs. You can hitch a ride through others that are going your way because they will have registered with various companies around Australia and you can find one to suit you and your budget that serves the area you are staying in as your base.

Safety tips: In conclusion, we will leave you with some bonus safety tips.

– Whether you are staying in cheap hotels in Melbourne or a hostel, make sure you are travelling with a group or with a partner. If you are going it alone, make sure you are leaving word with someone as to what you plan to do that day.

– Australia is big but if you are braving the Outback leave your GPS on your phone on or get a hikers GPS so you can be located if anything should arise.

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