How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring with Ruby

Shopping for an engagement ring may seem intimidating but not if you have done your homework well and know what youre looking for. Besides, buying the most important piece of jewelry for your sweetheart that will also seal your love is something special. If she is someone who loves the gorgeous red color of rubies then a ruby engagement ring would be perfect. Read along so you know how to go about picking the right one that will win her heart.

Always decide how much you want to spend on the ruby engagement. This is important for rubies come in many price ranges and it is important to pick a ring that looks good and is correctly priced.

Do gather some information about rubies beforehand especially if you want to pick a loose stone first and then have it set. Rubies come in many qualities and color plays the most important role in their look, followed by clarity, cut and carat. A little homework will always help you buy a beautiful ruby engagement ring. After all it is for the woman you love and every effort makes it worthwhile.

Decide if you want to buy the ring with her or do the shopping alone. If you do it together she can always pick the perfect ruby engagement ring for herself at However if you want to keep this a surprise then you need to work a little harder so that you buy only the most stunning ring for her.

In case it is a surprise, try and ask her about the kind of ring she would like, whether a solitaire ruby engagement ring or a ruby and diamond engagement ring. In case of a solitaire ring you will need to focus on the stones quality, especially the shape.

It is a good idea to casually ask what shape she personally prefers in rings without giving her any cues. You can also take the help of her friends and family here so that you dont end up with a wrong choice of solitaire ruby engagement ring.

In case of ruby and diamond rings understand her taste and preference in jewelry and select accordingly. If she likes subtle and elegant jewelry then go for a ring that is not too flashy and in case she enjoys making a statement with what she wears, then an elaborate and prominent ring would be perfect.
Keep a note of the metal she likes her jewelry in, whether white gold, yellow gold or platinum. Most importantly dont forget to find out her ring size. A mistake here can be disastrous and you want nothing to go wrong with this most significant buy of your life.

Choosing an engagement ring with diamonds is not just one of the most exciting, romantic and memorable shopping decision you will ever make, it’s also going to be one of the toughest. You’d certainly want this engagement ring with sapphire  to be the most special and best ring you will ever gift.

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