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How to Catch a Cheater?

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When you start a relationship, the last thing you think about is the possibility of your partner cheating on you. But as soon as you get certain suspicions you start desperately seeking ways to catch a cheater. Recognizing and catching a cheater is a tough task, which requires your preciseness and complete understanding that you may not be satisfied with what you find. Before giving you few tips from casanovastyle on how to catch a cheater, let’s find out the ways to recognize a cheating partner. Check out the 10 signs that your partner is cheating on you.

1. Your partner is very careful with his/her privacy. Your partner keeps his or her phone and emails away from you. There is a new password on his or her laptop and phone? Time to get suspicious.

2. Your partner is avoiding eye contact when talking to you. Was he or she always like that? If not, it’s time to get suspicious.

3. Your partner became extra-worried about his or her appearance? He or she started dressing better than before? It can be a sign that your partner is cheating on you.

4. Your partner started finding it extremely hard to concentrate on your couple’s matters? Well, that’s another sign that he or she may be cheating on you.

5. The previous points may or may not be the signs that your partner is cheating on you but if your partner starts taking shower in strange hours and puts clothes on directly in the laundry… danger zone, it’s definitely the sign that he or she is cheating on you.

6. Your partner can stick with one story about why he was late yesterday? That is called ‘mixing alibi’ and it is a very bad sign. It is the ultimate harbinger that your partner is cheating on you.

7. Your partner becomes too loving and carrying out of the blue? Most likely your partner is cheating on you and acts likely that because he or she is feeling guilty.

8. You smell someone’s perfume on your partner’s clothes? Congratulations, your partner is cheating on you. If you have found lipstick marks on his clothes – congratulations, your partner is not only a cheater but an idiot.

9. Your partner is going to bed right after dinner and constantly makes excuses not to have sex with you? Your partner is most likely cheating on you.

10. You partner started hiding bills from you? Well, probably someone is getting gifts and that’s not you.

Now you know how to recognize a cheater, and it’s time to learn how to catch a cheater. Of course, you can use the old-fashioned way on spying on him in the real world but we are living in the digital world, after all. If your partner is hiding his or her phone from you, most likely he or she is chatting with the homewrecker. But how to catch a cheater through text messages if you can’t get a hold of his or her phone? Ain’t no big deal, as now you have DDI – the best app to catch a cheater. Unfortunately, all the apps have their pros and cons, and DDI is no exception. You can get the data from every device you want but you won’t catch your partner if he or she has iPhone and uses Viber to chat with someone on the side.

Learn more with casanovastyle! Bethany is a dating expert, enthusiastic traveller and creative writer who also works in lifestyle coaching. She loves to open new horizons and share her experiences.

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