How to Add Class to Your Bathrooms with Decorative Bronze Hardware

Everybody out there wants to add spice, class, and newness to their bathrooms. But not everyone has the resources to do that. But with little cost and effort, you too can remodel your bathroom.

Remodeling your bathroom is something most of us want to do at some point in our lives. In fact, its something we would like to do several times, if we only had the time and resources. But the truth is, most of us arent capable of absolutely revamping this space.

But when you stop and think about what it is that you want to get out of remodeling your bathroom, you begin to realize that all any of us are looking for is a little change. Were looking to spice up the same old same old with something fresh and different.

When we realize that, we can discover that its not necessary to tear down walls, replace appliances, and install new floors. We can make significant changes to our bathroom, and even kitchens and other spaces with the simplest of things: decorative bronze hardware.

One of the most beautiful examples of this type of hardware is Saint-Gaudens bronze hardware
. Saint-Gaudens hardware isnt just for spaces like the bathroom, however, there is a specific “bathroom hardware bronze” that makes it pain free and, dare we say it, fun, to “remodel” your bathroom. You have options including rustic and refined finishes. Rustic finishes include:

  • Dark bronze
  • Satin nickel bronze
  • Satin bronze

The refined finishes include:

  • Dark bronze-fine
  • Satin bronze-fine

Where can you use Saint-Gaudens decorative bronze hardware?

These bathroom-specific hardware artworks can be used for robe hooks, towel bars, towel rings, and toilet paper holders.

The beauty of using hardware to remodel your bathroom is that you have so many styles and choices. You can go with the elegant look thats offered by the Salerno Bath Collection, or something more simple, traditional and classic like the Omnae Bath Collection. Either way, you can absolutely recreate the look of your bathroom without having to invest time and money.

Whichever style you go with, whats typically recommended is that you go with a single theme for your bathroom. Try to avoid mixing styles too much, as this can create a jarring, messy effect. By focusing on one style or theme, youre creating a simplicity thats designed to accent the rest of your space.

In your mind you have probably designed the perfect bathroom. You might not think that making small changes to your current bathrooms hardware will bring you closer to that dream bathroom, but youd be surprised. With even the most seemingly insignificant changes, you can see a drastic difference in your bathroom.

If youve wanted to redesign your bathroom, but have been too afraid by the cost and commitment, then youre in luck. Choosing to switch up your bathrooms hardware is a great and easy way to breathe new life into your existing space. Saint-Gaudens Bronze Hardware offers some of the most beautiful bronze pieces for bathroom. Amazing Doors & Hardware is excited to collaborate with Valerie Saint-Gaudens to provide the most classic, elegant, and gorgeous hardware on the market. Well help you bring new life to your bathroom without your having to spend much time or money along the way.

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