How Important Are Wedding Cake Decorations?

The wedding cake goes back as far as the Roman Empire. Throughout the years, it has become the focus of a variety of customs and traditions. Around 1900 years ago, the Romans began baking wheat and salt into a small cake to be eaten. During the ceremony, the groom would eat part of this cake and then break the rest over his bride’s head. They were made of wheat, a symbol of fertility and prosperity and taken as a sign of good fortune and a blessing for long life and many children.

When it comes to choosing a cake and wedding cake decorations, there is a wide variety of styles from which to choose. Start your selection process by browsing through as many wedding magazines as possible; they will all undoubtedly have plenty of fine examples to tempt you. You can narrow down your selection to your top five favourites and then sit down with your partner and have some fun!

The cake is the most exciting and talking point for the guests at the ceremony. The appearance of cake should tempt the guests to taste it. The cake should be properly placed on the cake stand. The table where the cake is placed should also be decorated as per the theme and other decors.

The ceremony of cake cutting marks the beginning of the married life of the couple. It is the symbol of celebration and happiness. It signifies love and fidelity for each other. This ceremony takes place either at the end of the wedding ceremony or at the reception party thrown by the couple.

Since nothing is created in stone, any cake you find can always be altered to better reflect your own tastes, personality and relationship. Make each layer a different flavour or change the colours for instance. Remember, there are some spectacular wedding cake decorations out there so let your imagination run riot. Some people like the traditional topper on their cake while others prefer more modern styles. If you do choose to go the topper route, there are numerous fun, fanciful and creative ideas available today.

Most wedding cake decorations consist of flowers made of icing or silk. Your cake maker will provide both of these. Another option is fresh flowers. These will need to be ordered from your cake decorator. There are countless designs for the wedding cake. To choose your design look through as many books and magazines as you can.

Another popular trend includes selecting the cake with a monogram or photographs of couple imprinted on the cake. You can even opt for large multi- layered cakes based on the themes or even decorated with many accessories.

Wedding cakes and wedding cake decorations are in constant process of transformation as peoples tastes change. It has evolved from its traditional form of white simple wedding cakes to spectacular sophisticated ones

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