How Can Obfuscation Help Protect Intellectual Property?

Obfuscation essentially helps in protecting the source code of an application from any sort of security related threats and allows you retain the functionality of the application at the same time. Simply put, it is a procedure that is all about conversion of data and source code into a format or code, which further makes reverse-engineering it difficult. Obfuscation can be applied at three different levels including data, layout and control flow. Thus, using an obfuscator, you will easily make it difficult for the attackers to understand and interpret your codes.

Software designing companies and vendors are always on the lookout for options to discourage piracy of their software. The source code of the application is the very basis of an entitys software intellectual property. A company needs to protect its Intellectual Property in order to increase its revenue from it and also to gain a competitive edge and advantage. Thus, IP protection is all about safeguarding intangible assets of an entity that are essentially designed by the employees and embedded in the form of a code on software. This allows the software company to discourage those entities and individual who make pirated versions of software to reproduce a copied version of their own software.

However, discouraging others to distribute unauthorized versions of software is not the reason why software companies rely on obfuscation of their Intellectual properties. The primary reason why they require an obfuscator is because it allows them to better protect .NET application. The .net applications are basically compiled into an IL (Intermediate Language) and users of the application or rather attackers can decompile it easily to access its source code.

At the time of developing software, companies encourage their team of developers to write codes that are easy for them to understand. However, they rely on obfuscation procedures and techniques so that they can make it difficult for the attackers to read and comprehend the codes designed by their developers and better protect their Intellectual Properties.

When it comes to protecting their Intellectual Properties, software vendors can safely rely on easy to use and reliable obfuscators such as dotwall obfuscator. Dotwall offers csharp obfuscation as well as a host of other features like, control flow obfuscation, strings encryption, anti-decompilation code and exception translation among others, which are perfect for protecting the intellectual property of your software.

Therefore, if you are looking to maintain the code flow of your application and at the same time want to make it extremely difficult for an attacker to crack or reverse-engineer the code used for designing your software then invest in a reliable obfuscator today!

Dotwall Obfuscator is a powerful obfuscator for .NET applications (Windows Forms, exe and dlls). Dotwall Obfuscator is designed to protect intellectual property of your software, to prevent reverse engineering of your code and defeat the attackers from decompiling your application. The next time you think of protect .NET application then dotwall’s Obfuscator is the most powerful tool

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