Home Refurbishment And You

The perfect home with a garden and a roomy kitchen is everybodys dream, and getting there is a matter of incremental improvements that bring your home up to your expectations. This process is called renovation. There is nothing wrong with letting your imagination run wild, but remember the “BUDGET”.

For inexperienced renovators, renovation can be quite a hassle, as there are many technicalities involved. For those that want to purchase an old property and upgrade, do not be deceived by the low price of the building or the good-looking exterior and interior. Get an expert to examine the structure so you assess its integrity, calculate repairs plus the building cost and find out if its a rip off or the real deal.

It is imperative that guidelines are followed in order to avoid waste.


Before renovation starts you may already know what you want, but can what you want be accommodated in the building within the scope of your budget and time? It is only after evaluating the state of the building that planning can start. A professional surveyor should be hired to analyze the buildings condition, and make cost and time projections.


All components of the renovation process will have a price tag attached to them. These components include the cost of labor, the cost of materials, snacks, alternative accommodation while renovation is going on and an estimated time frame for the renovation process. A surveyor or an architect can help you evaluate the cost of completing the renovation project on time.


An architect will turn your ideas into schematic drawings, making improvements according to your budget and also lending his or her expertise in areas you may have over looked or cannot handle yourself


It is wise not to build a mansion in a desert. When renovating a building, the area or neighborhood it is located in is important. The house should have a good design, but should not cost much more than the houses located in the vicinity. The rule of thumb is not to spend more than 10% of the homes value on renovation.


Now you are almost ready to start your renovation project. Before you can start the renovation, however, it is imperative that the designs and changes to be implemented are approved by the local building council. The surveyor will let you know what changes made will require planning permissions, statutory consent, building regulation and other approvals and other requirements depending on the local laws.


When choosing contractors, you should go for registered contractors, and preferably find them through referrals. A legally binding written understanding should be drawn up which, should include the time-frame of work and compensation.


If you are a very busy person, you can hire an architect or surveyor to act as the foreman for the renovation project. If you have time to spare, come by regularly and supervise, and make sure that the work is going as you envisioned and the correct materials are being used.


You have consulted with professionals and have come up with a design and fixtures that meet your proposed budget. While it is good to be flexible during the construction process, try not to stray too far from the plan.


Every Property Refurbishment project should have plans put in place to ensure that even when things go wrong it can easily be remedied. The first step is putting money for miscellaneous expenses in the budget. Also approach multiple contractors so that in the event one defaults, they can easily be replaced.

Holding back full payment to the contractors is a way of protecting yourself in the eventuality that one or more components develop a defect. For more information, you can follow the link provided below: Property Refurbishment Fulham

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