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Hollow metal door materials not only offer amazing alternatives for your project, but they easily fit various architectural requirements and environments. Steel metal doors offer an amazing alternative to fully colored doors and create a solid image for the doorway, which is easy on the eyes. The manufacturer of the steel metal doors should assist you in making the best size and color choice for your needs.

The types of hollow metal door frames available are:

Standard frames::
Masonry; Drywall; Double Egress

Specialty Frames::
Thermal Break; Adjustable; High Riser; Tilt’N Place

The standard features for all these steel door frames are that the knockdown type should be installed over finished walls, with an option that they can be fully welded. All interior application “metal stud wall applications” are knockdown type with Precision Fit Interlock® Corners).

All of these metal door frames are manufactured from cold rolled steel, galvanneal or galvanized. Metal door frame shall be constructed using a minimum 16 gauge welded steel with fully welded joints, dressed and ground smooth.

In order to properly size a steel metal door you must first determine which type of wall the frame will be installed into. Follow these equations (applies only to 2″ face hollow metal frames), for proper installation:

For welded metal door frame openings:
Rough opening width = door size + 4 ½”
Rough opening height = door size + 2 ¼”

For knock down door metal frame openings:
rough opening width = door size + 2 ¼”
rough opening height = door size + 1″

While the installation of a steel metal door frame can vary due to design preferences, most masonry frames are butted against the wall, while most drywall frames are wrapped around the wall.

You’ll have to calculate the jamb depth of the frame (jamb depth is measuring how thick the frame should be where it meets the wall). Butted frames should have a jamb depth equal to the thickness of the wall, whereas rapped frames should measure 1″ wider than the wall.

There are specific sizes used when measuring the jamb depth of steel door frames . Masonry frames use ¼” increments, while drywall frames use 1/8″ increments.

There is such a precise method to this process that it’s to your benefit to hire a professional to do the work for you. Any miscalculation during these steps can prove disastrous in the long run. Unless you have experience installing hollow metal frames, work with an installer with a valued reputation.

While knowing the types of hollow metal frames, and how to size them, will be helpful toward your project, determining which hollow metal frame and door is right for your project can be time consuming and complicated. Amazing Doors & Hardware is South Florida’s most respected hollow metal frame and door supplier, working in the South Florida area since 1985. When you call us for your hollow metal frame and door needs, our sales associates will work hard, and swiftly, to find the right equipment for you. Call us today to learn more about our hollow metal frame services.

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