Hitech Material Group Offers Quality Magnesia Dolomite Bricks for AOD Furnace & Other Purposes

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Shandong Province, China (August 23, 2017) – The magnesite brick is the widely used basic refractory bricks. Varied grades of magnesite are used as raw materials in the production of magnesia bricks of varied qualities. Nowadays, Magnesia dolomite bricks are among the fundamental refractory bricks in the market. This brick is not just known for a very good resistance to elevated temperatures, but it is also known for the high slag resistance feature. For those looking for the best quality bricks, they can get help from the Hitech Material Group.

This magnesia dolomite bricks manufacturer produce bricks that are mainly employed for secondary refining cement kiln and furnace. The bricks dealt by this company use dolomite sand, magnesite, and dolomite sand as raw materials. Also, the manufacturer has used a water-free binder. All these ingredients are mixed and are pressed at high pressure and are sintered in high temperature to arrive at the best quality bricks.

Companies looking for magnesia dolomite bricks for AOD furnace can get the best quality bricks from Hitech Material Group.

About Hitech Material Group:
The Hitech Material Group is mainly involved in the development and manufacture of refractory bricks, ceramic fibers, and unshaped materials.

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Company name: Hitech Material Group
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