History Of Sunquest Information Systems

Sunquest Information Systems is a subsidiary company founded in the year 1979 and is a leading firm in the area of laboratory, research and diagnostic information services and solutions. Sunquest Information Systems has more than 1400 network of hospitals, clinics including commercial laboratories around the world. Roper Industries is the parent company of Sunquest Information Systems.

Sunquest Information Systems’ main success was in introducing the Five Rights of Laboratory Testing concept program, which offered groundbreaking laboratory research and solutions regarding healthcare. The company’s main area of focus was diagnostic laboratory and its relevant fields such as laboratory medicine, and healthcare information solutions. Some of the major clients were Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust, Massachusetts General Hospital, The Cleveland Clinic, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and Henry Ford Health System, to name a few.

Products and Solutions Offered by Sunquest

Sunquest also provides a wide array of diagnostic laboratory information systems (LIS). The company is also in the process of expanding and looking in to the aspects of specialty fields such as those pertaining to microbiology, pathology, blood banks as well as venturing in to sub specialties such as molecular diagnostics, virology, and cytogenetic.

The Sunquest Information Systems product suite consists of business solutions providing hospital and laboratory management teams with special information and equipping with them with data – key performance indicators (KPI) and actionable data. This in turn enables the lab teams and hospital management teams to better manage laboratory performance and changes in staff schedules and agendas.

Additionally Sunquest’s profile of products included Collection and Transfusion Manager. This formed the bar-code point of care (BPOC) solution, which played the role of ensuring that lab specimens are not wrongly confused, and that blood specimens and sample units are transfused in the right way. Along with the blood bank system, this solution provided a high degree of accuracy and increased the overall laboratory efficiency, handling capacity and infrastructure.


To strengthen their armory of innovative solutions and product offerings, Sunquest acquired Outreach Advantage medical suite from Pathology Associates Medical Laboratory (PAML) in the year 2009. This was the second purchase of Sunquest, the first being in Nov 2008 with the acquisition of Integrated Clinical Environment which provided and filled Sunquest’s gap in critical communications. The Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE) enabled communication with all the installed patient administration systems (PASs) including the Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMSs) with the Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISs). This hierarchy of integration facilitated high-level communication and information sharing across different hospitals and community physicians.

In 2006, they acquired Antrim, a commercial laboratory and information system supplier. Work for an Antrim developer is common, as Antrim’s products are widespread. Antrim developer jobs are therefore still in abundance.

Five Rights Concept

Sunquest Information Systems, in the year 2008, introduced an innovative concept termed Five Rights of Laboratory Testing, which was created to cater to the patient’s safety by stressing the importance of diagnostic lab safety and management. In short, the Five Rights of Laboratory Testing say that the patient is entitled to know fully what tests are being performed and what exactly it means to them. It can be broadly divided into five aspects, which are Right test, Right patient, Right time, Right indicators, and Right diagnosis.

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