Hints From A New Orleans Motorcycle Accident Attorney On Mistakes To Avoid

A motorcycle accident can be a frightening and traumatic experience. Not only can the motorcycle receive expensive to repair damage, but the rider can receive injuries that result in staggering medical bills and months or years of painful rehabilitation. That’s why you should seek out a qualified New Orleans motorcycle accident lawyer if you ever find yourself involved in an accident.

Oftentimes motorcycle accidents are not the fault of the motorcycle rider, and the victims of the accident may legally be entitled to reparations from the individual that caused the accident. If your motorcycle is damaged in a crash or you’ve received physical injuries that require expensive medical care, contact a New Orleans motorcycle accident lawyer who will help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Here are a few tips that will help you avoid making mistakes after your motorcycle accident:

What NOT To Do

DO NOT Say It Was Your Fault: Never admit fault for an accident until you speak with a lawyer. Involvement in a dangerous and potentially life-threatening situation can lead to a person becoming emotional, which can result in a victimized motorcycle driver erroneously apologizing to the other party or parties involved in the crash.

After having been in an accident, it is hard to accurately judge the situation. If you give any indication that you caused the accident, your case can suffer. Even if you believe that both parties involved in the collision are at fault, do not take responsibility for the accident without first consulting with a lawyer.

DO NOT Talk to Insurance Adjusters: Insurance adjusters will try to talk to you immediately after the accident in order to obtain any information that they can to undermine your case. They are trained to ask you questions that don’t seem threatening, while they are really attempting to get you to incriminate yourself.

They won’t talk to you once you have a New Orleans motorcycle accident lawyer, so let them know that you do not wish to speak with them until you have consulted one. Most importantly, never sign anything from insurance companies without a lawyer present.

What You SHOULD Do

Do Document Everything: You may have a hard time remembering things clearly after you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident. That’s why it’s very important that you document anything and everything you can. You want to provide an accurate description of events, damages, and injuries to your New Orleans motorcycle accident lawyer.

Take photographs of your injuries and keep your medical reports on hand, but do not share descriptions or pictures on social media websites. You don’t want to give the opposition the chance to scrutinize any possible discrepancies.

Do Help Yourself: Make sure to attend your doctor appointments and follow medical advice. You want to show the court that you are honestly doing your best to recover after the accident. You don’t want them to think that you’re attempting to garner pity by delaying the healing process–the last thing the court wants to see is someone looking for free compensation. Also, if you don’t seek proper medical treatment, insurance companies will blame you for the worsening of medical conditions you are trying to get them to pay for.

It can be inconvenient and frighteningly traumatic to be involved in a motorcycle accident. Getting the proper damages can help you recover the cost of medical bills and motorcycle repairs. Following the above advice and contacting a qualified New Orleans motorcycle accident lawyer can help get you the compensation that you deserve.

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