Heart On Your Sleeve Design Gives Its Customers A Free Pack Of Party Sleeves With Every Purchase

Inspirational jewelry designer and vendor Heart On Your Sleeve Design has announced a generous sale offer on its website. Everyone who buys something from the company will be given a free pack of party sleeves.

Heart On Your Sleeve Design has decided to offer all its customers a thank-you treat. The company has posted an announcement on its website promising a free pack of party sleeves with every purchase. Described by the firm as “the perfect party decoration for every occasion,” party sleeves feature appealing designs and tasty colors. Typically, 12 party sleeves are contained in one pack. Party sleeves are used as decorative mug covers. They usually contain colorful graphics on the topside, which highlight various themes in line with different events or celebrations, and a blank space where one can write his name or jot a fun party message for the hosts or for the attendees.

On its website, Heart On Your Sleeve Design features a huge selection of party sleeves in a variety of designs. Party guests are supposed to write their names on the party sleeve in order to retain a mug or cup as a party favor. Some of the thematic party sleeve designs posted on this site are bachelorette, happy birthday, rehearsal dinner, graduation celebration, BBQ party, best day ever party, and Christmas party among many others. Heart On Your Sleeve Design also features all kinds of sport-themed party sleeves for baseball, basketball, football, hockey etc. Normally, a pack of 12 party sleeves goes for $4.99 in the company’s online store. But due to an ongoing sale, the price has been trimmed to $2.99 per pack. This means that for every purchase on Heart On Your Sleeve Design, a customer gets to save the $2.99.

About Us

Founded some 10 years ago in an upstairs attic in Clemson, South Carolina, Heart On Your Sleeve Design has enjoyed rapid growth to become one of the most popular inspirational gift shops in the country. Nowadays the Christian-based company serves all kinds of private clients and big-name firms like Hallmark Corporation, Books A Million, Bass Pro Shops, Hobby Lobby, etc on its ecommerce platform, and also from its three gift mart showrooms; at the AmericasMart in Atlanta, at Cathy & Co. in Dallas Market Center, and at Excelsior Marketing in Des Plaines, Chicago. Heart On Your Sleeve Design offers an extensive catalog of fun inspirational jewelry and gifts for all ages. Its many collections like the “Blessing Bands,” “Prayer Bracelets,” “Little Things,” and “Mistletoes” are all scripture-themed. Reviews of the inspirational gift company can be seen at https://www.google.com/maps/place/Heart+On+Your+Sleeve+Design/@34.8309453,-82.5907971,12z/data=!4m18!1m12!4m11!1m3!2m2!1d-82.5207593!2d34.8308044!1m6!1m2!1s0x8858379f80c6ecff:0x9ba396c2327267a!2sHeart+On+Your+Sleeve+Design+Seneca,+SC+29678!2m2!1d-82.520757!2d34.8309654!3m4!1s0x8858379f80c6ecff:0x9ba396c2327267a!8m2!3d34.8309654!4d-82.520757

Mallory Newton
Company: Heart On Your Sleeve Design
Address: 100 Century Plaza Bypass 123 Unit 6B, Seneca, SC 29678
Phone: (864) 627-9054
Email: info@heartonyoursleevedesign.com
Website: https://heart-on-your-sleeve-design.myshopify.com/


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