HannaSles announces the launch of a new type of Russian translation services for online business owners – hannasles.com

On the 1st of August HannaSles has launched a new type of Russian translator services in a bid to help online business owners reach Russian-speaking target audience, get a better SEO ranking and lower bounce rate.

The SEO-driven approach in language services introduced by HannaSles also aims at reducing the gap between what a Russian translator can produce and what business owners are expecting. The translation and localization industry over the years has struggled to keep up with the needs of online businesses operating in a fast-paced digital world. Nevertheless, many people still believe that localizing a website to Russian is only slightly more complex than translating a text document to Russian.

“Unfortunately, this is very far from the truth, – says Hanna. This approach generates a whole range of misunderstanding leaving both sides unhappy. Customers are deeply unsatisfied when they realize that the translated website into Russian is far beyond expectations, and Russian translators are disappointed when they realize they are utterly unable to provide a solution that is even close to what the customer is expecting”.

A rudimentary approach to solve this problem is to raise awareness of the complexity of the website localization on both sides and to implement SEO and localization tools to successfully localize and translate a website into Russian. In addition to this, Hanna will also provide a competitive analysis in your niche Russian-speaking market.

About HannaSles

HannaSles is a professional Russian translator providing website owners with the best digital solutions to successfully enter the Russian-speaking markets.

Contact person: Hanna Sles
Company: Freelance Russian translator
Address: Albert Mendler 54-8, Beit Shemesh, Israel
Phone: +972542168990
Email: sles@ft-studio.com
Website: https://www.hannasles.com/russian-translator



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