Green with Envy and Environmentally Friendly: Eco Packaging Tips

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You’d be hard-pressed to find someone in the logistics industry who hasn’t heard of the push to go green. With everything from initiatives to entice fleet owners to make their vehicles more eco-friendly to reduction laws that require change, one thing is for sure: the environment is on everyone’s mind.

That being said, it’s no surprise that many of the millions of parcels sent within the UK each year are being packaged more sustainably. It’s likely you already know all about your vehicle going for the green and now your courier loads may be as well. Read on to see how more and more people are practising eco packaging.


Instead of throwing away the cardboard and other packaging materials that come with a delivery, it’s a great idea to keep them and use them the next time you’ve got something to package up. It’s well worth hanging on to these materials. They’re usually in good condition and it’s a shame to get rid of them when you can reuse them – plus, you’ll save money as you won’t have to run to the post office for supplies so often.

With that kind of recycling going on, who knows how many times a single box has been a part of one of your courier loads?

Superior Supplies

When you do have to buy new packaging, there are a lot of great ways to keep yourself in the green. Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

•Stretch Wrap – Not only will coreless plastic wrap diminish cardboard waste once the roll is finished, it also tends to be wider than the standard, meaning you’ll need to use fewer pieces.
•Boxes – Invest in boxes that have gone through a manufacturing process that results in fewer carbon dioxide emissions. They are also lighter than the typical double wall cardboard, making your courier loads lighter and more manageable as well.
•Packaging Chips – Use loose fill packaging chips made from starch (which is far more environmentally friendly than the usual polystyrene), as they are fully compostable, biodegradable and have no ingredients that are hazardous to the earth once they decompose.
•Tape – Much like stretch wrap, tape with a smaller core reduces cardboard waste.

Green Deliveries Today, Green Earth Tomorrow

While a reused cardboard box here and an environmentally conscious packaging chip there may seem insignificant in the short term, imagine the positive effect it could have over months and years – especially if a large number of people get on board with the idea. Why not sneak a peek at your courier loads from now on and see just how many of your packages are ‘going for the green’? Or better yet, next time you need to package items yourself, why don’t you utilise a few of these environmentally savvy tips and tricks?

From the van you drive to the packages you transport, there’s no doubt about it – the delivery industry is becoming more and more green every day.

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