Graphic Design : It Is not Exactly About the Wow Factor

You need to have looked on a website and thought ‘wow look at that’. A number of the things that people can do with graphic design these days are completely unbelievable but this article is focusing on the value of graphic design for sites.

We have all observed web sites before that have astonished us by the product quality or complexity of the images involved in its creation but how many of these sites have we bought from or use frequently. Granted we might say to our friends ‘have you seen so and so it seems amazing’. Clearly this is having the desired impact of driving visitors to the website but is it getting folks to purchase or sign up?

Graphic design is really much more than a beautiful site, it is a website that has been well thought out and designed so all the important details is definitely on exhibit using the visitor efficiently from the landing site to where you because the business need them to move.

Myspace can be an amazingly popular site but it would never win any prizes for its graphic design… would it? It is among the best designed web sites out there nowadays, it may not appear as snazzy as Bebo but it was considered out for comfort and usability, which some might not consider to be graphic design but with less time spent on ‘where the shadow of this option will go’ and more time spent on ‘can the consumer see this information well enough’ or ‘is this text obvious enough’ has allowed it to become amazingly user helpful and over come it is rivals.

By developing a site that’s obvious to recognize an browse you can not only experience the advantages of potential customers who discover your site helpful but you could also save yourself a penny or two or the original design of the website by not wasting three weeks on what history to have or where to put some drop shadows.

In summary I think businesses considering website development need to take a step back and consider how clear the important information is on the site and how fast you can navigate because when the user has not discovered what they came out looking for in just a matter of seconds, it doesn’t matter how pretty your site is, they may go to your competitors not as pretty but simple to use website.

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Author: Paul Johnson