Grand and Gorgeous – The Sapphire Halo Ring

You love sapphire in every possible kind of jewelry but there is something absolutely irresistible about a sapphire halo ring that looks splendid. It can bring alive anything you wear with its grandeur and is therefore perfect for any special occasion where you want to make a statement.

Magical, mystical and utterly beautiful sapphire is one stone that has won the heart of every jewelry lover for centuries now. This stone has remained popular and much in demand for years now and the reasons behind this are plenty. Apart from its color and inherent allure this is one stone that measures only next to diamonds in hardness and is therefore extremely durable and therefore perfect for all kinds of jewelry.

Being a rare gem and one that is even today considered to be highly coveted this beauty also has many interesting lore and legends associated with it that adds to its allure. While they stand out and look great in jewelry of all kinds they are especially attractive in certain varieties and rings happen to be one of them.

When this gorgeous stone sits pretty on your finger it manages to grab every bit of the attention we quite lavishly bestow upon it. From simple to elaborate, single stone to multiple ones, there’s a lot of variation that you will find here but of course like I said before a few will leave a deep imprint both in your mind as well as your heart. If you are a lover of fine jewelry and enjoy them in exquisite styles and designs then the sapphire halo ring is meant for you.

This is one type that is known for its luxurious and elaborate display of stones in a design that is equally ornate. The piece is usually marked by a prominent sized colored stone that could be a single one or a number of them like in a three stone ring and the most discerning and eye catching feature is the dazzling rim of diamonds that border it forming a brilliant halo all around the colored beauty. The effect of course is something breathtakingly beautiful that you can barely ignore.

In some cases there are more diamonds on the shanks that lend further shimmer to the entire piece. The enchanting play of color and shimmer is something absolutely magnificent which is why this style is always perfect for a special occasion that demands the best. You can always pick yours where the color of the gem reflects your favorite hue whether the intense blue or the pretty pink.

You can even opt for the stone to be in a shape that you are particularly fond of. Trust me a lot depends on the shape that can change the entire look of the piece. In a nutshell there are options galore and all you have to do is have a discerning eye and pick the one that not only wins your heart but also has the edge to make a style statement each time you wear it.

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