Girls Only Vacations

Taking a trip with your girlfriends is something every woman should do when the opportunity arises. These bonding vacations are an excellent way to relax, have fun, and reconnect with good friends. There are plenty of options with varying time commitments and budgetary constraints for women who want to go on vacation together. Take a look at these suggestions for your next trip with just the girls.

All Inclusive Caribbean Resort – There is something to be said for blue skies, clear water, warm sand, and a bracelet that takes care of all your food and drink. You and your friends can relax and catch some sun by a pool or on the beach. No one has to give any thought to who pays for the next round, or where everyone should go for lunch. All inclusive resorts are one of the easiest ways to travel. After everyone pays their share of a flat fee, the rest of the vacation can be spent relaxing. Choose a resort that is not dedicated to honeymooners or couples only. There are many all inclusive resorts that cater to single travelers or groups of singles. These will have more opportunity for night life activities if the girls want to go out and have some fun.

Destination Spa – This may be the perfect girls only vacation that exists. Women can meet up at a spa resort and partake in exercise or pampering together. Rejuvenate and refresh the spirit while bonding over a healthy glass of water spritzed with lemon or cucumber. This type of low key vacation is the kind that mothers and daughters take together as well. Men are usually allowed at a spa resort, but there is usually a much higher ratio of women to men.

Camping – A girls getaway that is more on the unconventional side is the camping trip. Taking long hikes together, swimming in lakes and ponds, and relaxing by a campfire is a popular trip with women who would prefer a natural environment to a resort. With fewer people around, and without the distractions of electronics, good friends can really focus on each other.

The running theme for all of these girl getaways is that women need the opportunity to leave the environment that keeps them busy and enter an environment where they can focus on themselves and on their friends. Take a break from the day-to-day work of being a mom, a professional, or a student. Going on vacation with just the girls is a time honored tradition that creates bonding memories to last a lifetime.

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