Get Rid Of Lengthy Notes! Welcome the Brilliant ‘Symscribe’ For Hassle-Free and Extensive Summaries


Millburn, NJ (June 27, 2018) – Symscribe has evolved with the ulterior motive and ultimate ambition to create a reliable and easy channel to summarize the events and meetings thereby increasing the work-time efficiency. If it is an important presentation or regular blackboard notes and even private in meetings, Symscribe brilliantly handles substantial description and shares it reliably very effectively thus saving valuable time.

It can intelligently and captivatingly engage all the attendees in a presentation as far as the last row invariably acting as an excellent channel of communication. In corporate arenas and companies, it creates an ingenious and expert environment to brainstorm ideas and successfully relates concepts in any meetings and or events. It can capture and gather terrifically an entire lecture efficiently so that more emphasis can be on listening to the lecture rather than writing it.

The tools and make of Symscribe are easy, reliable and comfortable to apply for any event. In ‘Room View’ the lecture/presentation layout is simulated so that it can engage the participants readily. In ‘Presentation Mode’ it displays Word, PowerPoint, Word, Pdf, Excel, and many other types of files on any device promptly and easily. In the ‘Built-in Chat’ interface, one can privately interact with the presenter without interrupting the presentation. The ‘Storage’ option can enable the user to upload any files to present and share as well as store the data.

An intuitive Icon Menu eases the user to navigate between the different features readily and promptly. The Hide Away Menu feature smoothly auto-hides the menus for a maximized active screen which can re-appear with a single tap. Private Sub-Chat groups can discuss the presentation in the closed group chats. The users can quickly select files from Dropbox, Drive and many other locations comfortably.

Funding such revolutionary and trailblazing concept can assist the dedicated and work-committed professionals to launch, fix the issues and successfully make it commercially viable.

A project for this product is posted by Mr. Jeff Ausfeld, who is the finder. He has vast experience and impeccable knowledge in managing hundreds of multi-disciplinary projects, complicated work-flow and organization improvements. In his career, he productively and efficiently executed many day-to-day R&D operations successfully in the engineering department in various roles such as the Lead Engineer, Senior Project Engineer and Director of Engineering. He is known for his meritorious and diligent management strategies between organization and molding creative workflows. He graduated from the Union college with Bachelor of Science (BS), Mechanical Engineering and had a commendable Master of Science (MS), Mechanical Engineering in Columbia University, New York. He also has creditable BSEE and BSCSE degrees.

About Jeff Ausfeld:
Jeff Ausfeld is a pioneer when it comes to individual component CAD modeling, prototyping, drawing, PDM including all the minute details for an exceptional product launch and has a strong passion for envisioning a complicated idea, drawing a concept as well as bringing it to successful production release consequently. He is the Director of CAD Engineering of the prestigious Shiseido Americas Corporation as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the revolutionary Symscribe.

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The most eminent and leading technological visionary Mr. Jeff Ausfeld, in association with Kickstarter, the most significant funding platform launches the futuristic ‘Symscribe' that readily shares and stores all the description of any event.



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