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A wetsuit is very important because it gives you several kinds of advantages. It not only gives you safety while surfing but also provides you warmth and buoyancy. Depending on the material, thickness and style, a wetsuit can be classified under different categories. Whenever you go to purchase your first swimsuit, you often get confused. The list given below makes you aware of different types of surfing wetsuits for women available in the market.

1.The Spring Suit: A Women’s spring suit wetsuit is designed in such a way that it gives you extra warmth. It comes with both arm and leg coverage. There are different varieties of spring suits such as short leg spring suit along with short arm and long arm. These types of wetsuits are ideal for summer water sports such as surfing. Women can also wear them while water skating, kite boarding or windsurfing. They are made with durable material and provide complete flexibility. It keeps your skin protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun and thus helps to maintain the body’s core temperature.

2.Wetsuit jacket: These jackets can be layered with pants. They provide full-length arm coverage and thus the upper portion of your body gets additional warmth. One advantage that women can get while surfing is that jackets eliminate the need of waxing your underarms. The material is quite thick. Sometimes the chest zip can make you feel uncomfortable while surfing.

3.The Short John wetsuit: The short john surfing wetsuit for women gives the advantage of exposing your arms. You can get core warmth as the torso is also covered. This type of swimsuit is ideal for dawn patrol surf. Since the shoulders are not covered, you can get a full range of motion. They come with an additional neoprene which is present between the knees and the stomach. You need to always do your inner thigh waxing properly whenever you chose to wear the Short John Wetsuit.

4.The Long John Wetsuit: While providing full body coverage, the long john wetsuit leaves your arms uncovered. Unlike the Short John Wetsuits, they have no neoprene resistance. It provides complete flexibility to your shoulders. They are ideal when you chose for paddling. When the water temperature becomes too cold, add a jacket to your long john wetsuit. You are completely covered.

5.The wetsuit vest: The vest comes with neoprene coverage. This protects you from wind chill. These wetsuit vests are more like the wetsuit tops. Planning for summer day surf? These vests are completely ideal for surfing. The material with which the vest is made is about 2mm to 3mm thick. You can even leave or vest alone or chose to wear something on it, it completely depends on you. But it shows your underarm hair which might be a problem with the ladies.

6.The short arm streamer: The short arm streamer covers the leg but leaves your forearms exposed. The material of this type of wetsuit is made from a mixture of neoprene. You can easily hide your chaffed knees or the un-waxed thighs. It aims at keeping your body temperature warmer and makes paddling easy.

There are also few other types of wetsuits present in the market.

The above list of Surfing Wetsuits for Women makes your choice easier. The womens springsuit wetsuit is considered to be the best wetsuits of all as it maintains the body warmth and gives you protection while surfing.

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