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An all-important measure in safeguarding one’s vision revolves around ensuring proper lighting to minimize the strain on a person’s eyes. To this end, it is essential to make certain that the lighting in one’s vicinity is bright and crisp minus the excess costs. Gecey LED Lighting runs parallel with these everyday requirements. They are a good source of LED lighting solutions in multiple forms.

The company provides a range of lighting products. These include led backlit panels, light box , led tube, led TV, led monitor, acrylic, led strip and led downlights to name a few. Top this up with the option of customization and one has the full flexibility to get a lighting system that aligns with his tastes and preferences. In fact, Gecey can also press a company’s logo or patterns in the panel lights with laser machine technology.

In addition to the customized designs, Gecey lighting also entertains custom orders concerning the voltage, size, thickness, and other matters of the lights selecting. A variety of light boxes are offered. These include A4 light box, light table, frameless fabric light box, light box sign, and more.

Quality is guaranteed by the company. Gecey Lighting craft only the best quality led tubes. These led tube lights are characterized by favorable features such as affordability, safe use, and eco-friendliness. The frosting to the cake is that these tubes can take down one’s energy bills, which is a plus alongside the bright lighting.

The LED tubes supplied by the company can complement an individual’s existing luminaire regardless of it bearing electronic or magnetic ballasts. The diverse pool of items provided by Gecey are not limited to T5, T8, T12 led tubes but entail led stripes, led downlights, led bar, and a lot more.

The company also manufactures a wide pool of led monitors and televisions. Apart from the solutions offered by Gecey, its experience in the field is a given. In 2015 alone, the company exported 20,000 plus led backlit panels to the United States. It has also worked with several big fishes in the industry including IGT. Moreover, all products of this company come in the company of a warranty the lasts for five years.

The manufacturers provide high quality lighting products at economical rates. A cherry on top of this is the frequent discounts offered by the company. This makes Gecey a good option for all those seeking custom-built led lighting solutions that boast excellent quality and come in reasonable prices.

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Company: Gecey
Telephone: +86-755-28437301
Address: Fl.3 No.14-1 Tongqing Road, Tongle District, Long Gang Town, Shenzhn City, China
Email: [email protected]

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