FPC Launches A Campaign At Kickstarter To Raise The Fund For The Development Of Burger Playing Cards

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August 31, 2017 – The burger playing cards are a set of playing cards from Flaminko Playing Cards, coming in colorful and vibrant design that resemble the appearance of the burgers. This customized playing cards will enable the players to relish the highest of entertainment and enjoyment.

Millions of people around the world loves playing cards and they look for the sets that will display an aesthetic design and appearance. Comprehending this aspiration, the company has ventured into the development of playing cards that will be a class-apart in terms of its fascinating design and appearance. The company has taken a special care to ensure the qualitative standing of the products and hence, users can expect these cards to endure for the longest span of time. The enticing design, shaped in the forms of burgers makes these cards a worthy item as collectible. Likewise, even the professional magicians can use these cards for performing the card tricks at their shows.

The company is presently running through the production phase and once the product hits the market, the company will be shipping it to buyers, anywhere from around the world. Customers from the US will be entitled for for free-shipping benefits.

“WE have recently launched a campaign at Kickstarter to raise the fund for the development and production of these cards. Our company is appealing to people at large to make a small contribution to this project to support us in completing the production. We are having schemes to reciprocate the contributions and one can make as little contribution of AUSD 10, without rewards. Our company is confident that our campaign will get the necessary support from the enthusiast of Card Games and the small contributions will add up to raise the necessary funding and support us in completing the production, without getting into hassles”, stated the spokesperson.

About Burger playing cards:
Burger playing cards happen to be a set of colorful, stylish and vibrant playing cards, shaped in the forms of Burgers.

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Flaminko Playing Cards are about to come up with its new collection, burger playing cards, a set of stylish and colorful playing cards, resembling the shape of the burgers.

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