306Forget Going to the Gyms Steam Room by Purchasing a Steam Shower

It is not uncommon for people to go for a vigorous work out at their local gym and health centre, especially after a day’s work or even in the morning before they go to work.

The sessions at the gym would normally entail a regime of exercise, possibly running, lifting weights, swimming and so forth but after this vigorous work out most people would then retire to a sensual steam room to relax and unwind and to loosen their muscles. This has been a normal occurrence for years, in fact for century’s right back to our early ancestors where warriors returning from battle would retire to steam and spa baths to revive their aching muscles and repair their wounds. The reason is simple and this is because of the remarkable healing properties held within combining our bodies with steam.

Steam has a wonderful therapeutic element that benefits our bodies in so many amazing ways, from relaxation and unwinding to clearing out our sinuses and helping our bodies overcome aches and pains to replenishing the skin and even improving the flow of blood around our bodies and so much more.

It is these healing and therapeutic benefits that make the steam room so inviting and so this is where bathroom technology started in the desire to create a steam producing system for the home. Bathroom product manufacturers decided to utilise the shower enclosure in which to innovate their ideas of using steam and this is how the steam shower become a revelation.

The shower enclosure was introduced to a full remodel where it was fitted with a small generator for producing steam alongside a multitude of other extras to enhance the experience. This came in the format of radio and speakers so you can listen to your favourite radio station whilst you wash. Not only does it come with a standard showerhead for washing but to accompany this you can opt for the large overhead monsoon showerhead fitted within the roof of the enclosure. This gives you the option of showering under a large showerhead where the water droplets fall in a rain effect, which is wonderful for reviving oneself on a hot day. Furthermore fitted within each console, usually around central column are an array of water jets specifically created for providing a full body massage. This is combined with a set of foot and calf massagers for reviving tired feet.

This is just a small selection of items integrated in to each of the steam showers, other extras can involve waterproof LCD televisions, auxiliary ports for implementing CD, IPod and MP3 players so that you can listen to your own taste in music, Chromo-therapy lighting which is a selection of coloured lights that are created for placing the mind in to state of relaxation and much more. Other forms of steam shower include the steam shower bath which in short is a larger unit that features all the technology and extras as the standard steam shower enclosure but comes fitted with either a standard bath or in most instances a whirlpool bath. This is perfect for people who like to enjoy the best of both worlds, having the convenience of a shower or a bath.

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