31202Focus on Faro: Top Spots for Photography

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Focus on Faro: Top Spots for Photography
Capital of the Algarve, the city of Faro and its surrounding area hold numerous fascinations for photography lovers. Positioned in a picturesque coastal spot, Faro is a stunning combination of cultural heritage and natural landscapes capable of extracting a longing sigh even from the most tough-hearted of observers. There are a plethora of camera-worthy sights, but if we had to narrow it down to just a few, I’d suggest that you pay a visit to the following.
The Old Town
Are you ready to lose yourself in the charms of a beautifully preserved past? Faro’s Old Town will make you forget about your phone, iPad or laptop, but it will enjoy your camera’s attention. You can visit macabre Capela dos Ossos (the Chapel of Bones) lined with the skulls of Faro’s monks over the centuries or try to puzzle out the numerous cultural layers on Faro’s Cathedral. The sixteenth-century convent, Portugal’s oldest horseshoe arch and the archaeological museum are also among the Old Town’s must-see stop-offs.
Benagil Cave
If you’ve ever daydreamed about setting off on a great adventure, visiting the Benagil Cave will easily satisfy your dreams. Its wondrous shape and formations look exactly like the setting for an Indiana Jones-style movie. You can get there on an organised boat trip from some of the fishing towns nearby. A typical tour would give you the opportunity to take stunning pictures inside the grand Benagil Cave, as well as take you around ten smaller but equally fascinating caves.
Rio Formosa
This natural park offers opportunities for fantastic photos of beautiful natural phenomena and various wildlife including a number of rare species. From lagoons and marshes to dunes and barrier islands, this park is composed of numerous habitats that are as rife with life as they are stunning to admire. The park also lies on the bird migration route between Europe and Africa, which adds to the enormous diversity of birds which pay the park a visit throughout the year.
Ilha da Barreta
If you’d like to escape the crowds of tourists and capture photos of nature not marked by human presence, then Ilha da Barreta, an island a short boat’s ride away from Faro, is the right spot for you. Its 10km-long stretch of beach licked by pristine water lends itself perfectly to your camera and invites you to lie down for a bit of sunbathing in blissful seclusion. Should you feel like grabbing a bite, the island has an environmentally-friendly restaurant powered by solar panels.
How to Get There
Faro Airport is a mere 2.5-hour flight from the UK. Once you land at the airport, Faro taxi services can take you to town in about fifteen minutes. If you pre-book your transport from the airport with Shuttle Direct, you can enjoy a pleasant and comfortable journey which will deliver you fresh and relaxed at the door of your accommodation.

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