26658Fluchtplan and Rettungsplan – The Most Modern Safety Standard

Since the time of Stone Age to this contemporary world; people are trying their best to get a proper solution of housing, for comfort and most importantly for the safety of life and household articles. The building concept and design have taken a great leap forward, from thatched house to most modern prefab house; where the requirements have been changed a lot with the immense development of the civilization and accordingly the designs, materials, construction, architecture, interiors have changed a lot.

In modern days, the safety of the building is an important issue, which is considered with utter seriousness by all concerned. Nowadays, it is quite tough or almost impossible to get the approval of a building plan, without having a proper safety plan, because all local authorities are quite serious about this issue and not ready to make any compromise. The escape plan and the rescue plan, in The German language known as fluchtplan and rettungsplan respectively, are well-known issues in the building design and construction, without which the building cannot be considered as complete and safe.

The Safety Plan

Today, the building plan doesn’t contain only the drawing of rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms etc.; the evacuation plan and rescue or escape routes are clearly mentioned on the respective drawing, along with, the fire fighting facilities in all private, public or commercial buildings are mandatory. In the event of any emergency, the fluchtplan is helpful for people to evacuate a building, which is the most important issue of the entire security system.

With the immense growth in the global business of export and import, the safekeeping of the material and also human resources, the proper and all inclusive safety plan, including the rescue and escape route information, is being maintained with sincerity and care in any building, cargo or other vessels and even in the aircraft. While an escape plan or an easiest and suitable rescue route is being drawn, some general and specific checking and finalizing is being done, which are as follows:

 The Floor Plan of the building, complete or part, while the scale is depending on the building structure, size, location of the proposed installation and the detailed display of levels, which are all important for the drawing of proper safety and evacuation plan.

 Locations of all emergency exits i.e. the rescue route or escape plan are to be taken into account. Along with the emergency exits, the history of those routes and plan are considered for preparing the suitable planning of evacuation and rescue operation.

 In the event of any emergency, such as; fire, earthquake or any other disaster, the rescue and emergency equipment e.g. fire telephone, emergency phone, first aid box, fire alarm etc., are of great support and all these are mentioned with requisite clarity in the plan.

 Locations of the firefighting equipment like extinguishers, hydrants, hoses are important parts of any safety plan, created for evacuation and emergency use.

 Legends of all these equipment and locations are being mentioned in the fluchtplan and rettungsplan, which help the individual and also the rescue team to get the exact and suitable route of escape from the danger zone.

 There are some very common safety features and standardization, recognized internationally, as those are suitable or applicable in almost everywhere, is essentially mentioned in the safety plan.

To get the most modern and advanced safety plan for any building is a basic criterion and if anybody is looking for a suitable standard or mode; the fluchtplan and rettungsplan , can provide great support.

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