Leading provider of floor mats, floor matting accessories, floor mat cleaning products and customized business environment solutions Floormat.com has published a case study of its work for the Cleveland Clinic, a top area research and treatment hospital. A more complete description of Floormat.com’s partnership with the Cleveland Clinic is available on the floor matting company’s website, listed below.

The floor matting solutions company begins its case study by describing the problem posed by the operations at the Cleveland Clinic, specifically that the paraffin wax used in most pathology hospital labs in their testing facilities was creating a dangerous floor surface. “Lab personnel and others create heavy traffic patterns on a daily basis,” writes the case study in describing operations at the Cleveland Clinic. Due to the paraffin wax, “A few associates had fallen, one suffering a broken arm.”

Floormat.com dispatched a team of experts to assess the nature of the paraffin wax problem and advise a solution. The floor matting company’s consultative team identified and implemented a solution that involved “carpeting the lab wall to wall, each workstation custom fitted and the entrance and exit areas fused.” Furthermore, Floormat.com chose to utilize a custom style mat designed to contain and trap paraffin. The new floor surfaces installed even helped reduce the fatigue of standing lab technicians and reduce the noise and vibration of the lab, thus improving the accuracy of instrument readings.

Floormat.com published the case study of its work for the Cleveland Clinic as one installment in a series of individual case studies that can be viewed on the company’s website. The series, which the floor matting company calls “True Match, True Stories,” describes Floormat.com’s work with a diverse set of clients, from individuals to large businesses.

Other clients included in the “True Match, True Stories,” series of descriptions include the U.S. Coast Guard, for which Floormat.com helped to outfit ship decks with anti-slip tape and tread, and Lincoln Electric, a multinational welding equipment manufacturer for which Floormat.com helped reduce the noise and vibration of its work environment.

Floormat.com employs a team of expert workplace environment professionals known as Solutionists. Floormat.com’s Solutionists are trained to employ an industry-leading consultative process called ADPAT. This proven method allows Floormat.com to systematically evaluate the business or residential environment of each client and recommend the right solutions to improve the overall cleanliness, health, comfort, safety, productivity and convenience of the environment. Company details and information can be found at https://plus.google.com/u/0/109739922304473426835 or by using URL https://goo.gl/QQkVED

For more information on the products and solutions available from Floormat.com, the floor matting company may be contacted by using the contact information provided below. They can be followed at http://ebusinesspages.com/Floormat.com_dn608.co

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