31202Fleet Managers Get Tools to Promote Eye Health in the Workplace

Thanks to a new webpage recently launched by optical group Specsavers, it has become easier for you, as a fleet manager, to promote the welfare of your drivers. The company understands the responsibility of the fleet manager for the wellbeing of their employees. As poor eyesight can occur gradually, and often go unnoticed for some time, regular eye examinations are key to ensuring all hauliers are safe on the roads.

The new area of the website is called Specsavers Corporate Eyecare and is designed to help employers and managers maintain eyecare within their companies. The tool is particularly ideal for the conscientious fleet manager, in an industry where maintaining optimal vision is imperative.

Is the Tool Needed?

Specsavers shared the worrying statistic that up to 40% of employers don’t ask if their employees can see properly. While standards are higher in the haulage industry, it’s a good reminder that the only way to be sure a driver’s vision meets the correct standards is to have regular tests. This new tool encourages employee take-up of eye tests and makes managing them much easier via the eVoucher system.

Jim Lythgow, the Specsavers Corporate Eyecare’s Director of Strategic Alliancessays that the website is far more than simply a brochure.”We play an important role in educating people about workplace eye care and it is essential that our website reflects and enables this.”

What’s New?

The Corporate Eyecare page includes a useful FAQ section. This is a manager’s first port of call, with useful information for employers such as DSE regulations, driver considerations and general information on eyecare. The section also provides clear information about the eVoucher system, which helps employers manage workplace eyecare online. Fleet managersare able to provide their drivers with eVouchers, which can then be redeemed at a time convenient to the individual.

The portal can also be used to book appointments.

Fleet ManagerResources

The website has a range of free materials users can download – from generic posters encouraging employees to take eye care seriously, to more haulage specific resources.

The Driving Eyesight Toolkit is free to download as a PDF, and includes a driving eyesight awareness poster, driver research, a driving case study and top tips for managing driving eyesight. Poor eyesight increases the risk of crashes and reduces drivers’ abilities to react to the immediate environment, however many of us do not notice gradual eyesight loss. A person can loseup to 40% of their vision without noticing, therefore regular eye tests are essential.Also included are tips to improve vision whilst driving, including not looking directly at the lights of oncoming traffic, always wearing glasses or contact lenses if required, and keeping mirrors and the windscreen clean and scratch-free.

The resources provide a valuable source of information to both HR managers and drivers, with research that backs up the importance of good eye health.The site is very easy to navigate, so why not visit and see what it can do to make your life easier and your drivers safer on the road?

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