Flawed Fabulously will be launching their fall collection this October

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New York, (August 23, 2017) – Flawed Fabulously proudly announced the launch of their fall collection this October that will be sold through their online store Their fall collection is inspired with the positive power that a woman has and each intimate apparel of this collection will emphasis on woman empowerment.

Launching October the fall collection from Flawed fabulously includes swimsuit, lingerie and other intimate apparel that a woman needs to beautify herself. The main aim of the collection is not only beautification of woman but to enhance the body positivity and increase their confidence.

A designer from Flawed Fabulously confides that, “While designing the fall collection we had style and versatility in our mind and along with that we kept it a norm that every apparel must showcase the positivity that a woman carries along with herself.”

The to-be launched apparels have futuristic designs with different patterns and textures. They believe to produce such swimwear or lingerie that will make their clients feel great about their body, irrespective of the shape and size. Every intimate apparel designed is completed with the finest attention provide to the quality and details. The fabric used is best for delicate women skin. It has been taken care that when a lady wears it she feels the enigma in herself and reflect it back to others. the fall collection is all about woman empowerment and that is what everybody is looking forward to.

About Flawed Fabulously:
Flawed Fabulously markets their swimsuit and lingerie online through They are here to celebrate the beauty of women irrespective of their shapes and sizes. They sell online swimsuits, lingerie and apparel that will match with anytime style. Their mission is not only to sell apparel but in woman empowerment. They want to make each woman feel confident and beautiful.

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Flawed fabulously announces the launch of the fall collection during the first week of October. They will sell their apparel online from their website

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