July 07, 2019 – Freshbit is your new partner if you are planning to be on a ketogenic diet. It is an ideal Calorie Counter of yours that tracks the nutritional value of food items or dishes that you consume when on a menu like this. For instance, if you have made it to the summers but are awaiting autumn, then Freshbit can provide you the recipe of the “autumn salad.” For a salad like this, you will have the list of ingredients right before you. In the ingredient section, you can find the quantity of the elements like medium-sized granny smith apples with skin, one fl oz raw lemon juice, green lettuce and the star of the dish “sweetened or dried cranberries.”

Therefore, the perfect Diet Manager, like Freshbit, allows you to enjoy the autumn salad without having to wait for autumn. The app displays the approximate preparation time and cooking time. Like for instance, in the Autumn Salad, you do not have to spend a single minute more than ten minutes. A dish like this has the goodness of sunflower seeds, walnuts, apple, cranberries and lettuce with vinaigrette and raspberry dressing.

There is exciting news for the diet followers there. It is regarding the recent new version of Freshbit that launched. With an exemplary Carb Manager like this, you can set diet goals while tracking how well you do throughout the entire day. Registration on the app requires you to fill in information like lifestyle, about you, details and finally the sign-up tabs. A user for the first time has to set his/her dietary goals. There are four options to select from, and these include maintenance, weight loss, muscle gain, and Keto. After you have chosen your target, you have to specify your activeness level. There are three options you can choose from, and these include “highly active,” “moderately active,” and not “very active.”

On the second page, you get to enter the logs. Therefore, a user can add food and workout. They can fill in the information like what they ate and whether it was a cooked meal or store-bought.

At a recent press meet the owner of Freshbit was met up with, and on being asked about how the app helps people plan their week, he immediately replied that “Our users can plan their week without having to have meal plans from a dietician. They can choose from hundreds and thousands of branded foods or recipes. Also, according to their choice, they can create their very own recipe as well.”

About Freshbit
Freshbit is an app that is hundred-percent free of features so any of you health enthusiasts out there can track health without you paying for any subscription. There is no selling of data to third parties, and only ads are served.

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Freshbit happens to be the First 100% Free Calorie Counter that is a boon for every individual who wants to shed extra kilos. Tracking is easier with Freshbit, and you can set your goals, log the food, water intake, and exercises all through the day.


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