Finance management: Please have the receipt of the social security pension lately

The website has much information about the dealing for the social security pension. If you have the ability to have the receipt of social security pension lately, then you should receive it late. Why we have this kind of suggestion? Someone may have the puzzle that we have the right to have the social security pension. If you want to know the reason, you should read the article listed below.

According to the data from Social Security Administration and the, if the employees whose annual salary is 50,000 dollars have received their Social Security payments at the age of 62-year-old which is the required age for the Social Security, they could usually get about 1,000 US dollars monthly. If they can wait until the age of 70, this number will be doubled. It is means that if you could wait for a period of time, you could have more money in the future. But who know how many years they should alive?

The website has the report about the Americans largest financial error which is premature withdrawal for the social security payments without considering the consequences. It is the unwise choice compared to buying technology stocks in 2000 or bought the Las an apartment in Vegas in 2006. The temptation of get the money early may make people turn a blind eye to the enormous costs of the future. Many retirees may not have much choice. They hold a low-paid life and engaged in hard work which was very grueling. Moreover, many companies are almost forced the older employees to take retirement earlier.

In any case, waiting for some time could make us enjoy higher benefits. So that the accumulating amount of money could beyond the full amount of Social Security from the early retirement age. However, this makes people ignore a bigger problem. The Social Security payment is a form of insurance. For many retirees, the biggest risk is not they will have no money before the age of 70 but after the age of 85. According to the data of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, more than half of the 65-year-old female will live to 85 years old or more and the proportion of the male is three eighth.

The suggestion from the website how to personal finance is that we could consider to developing another part time job when we would have the retirement. If we could prolong the time to receive the social security pension, we will get more money in the future. From now on, please pay attention to something you are interested in and learn it well. May be you could earn money after you have the retirement.

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