31202Fast, Fun and Flamboyant: Málaga’s Best Flamenco

Málaga is one of the most vibrant cities to visit on the infamous Costa del Sol in Spain. Visitors can expect to be immersed in a colourful collage of food, sun and, most importantly, dance! Yes, that’s right, Málaga is home to the magnificent art of flamenco dancing.

The dance started in the city’s region of Andalucía over 500 years ago and has been going strong ever since. The mysterious dance has been popularised in film, TV, and books, but to really get to know it a trip to its original home is absolutely necessary. Before we begin exploring the best places to tap your feet and more, let us remind ourselves of the most important features of this art form.

1. Flamenco is a seriously important part of Spanish culture, most of all in this corner of the country. So first things first, it demands respect. At shows make sure to be considerate.
2. You’ll know a dance is about to start when a group of women arrives in a distinctive set of polka dresses, hair stretched into a bun and an impressive array of high heels.
3. Traditionally the event is accompanied by acoustic guitar – often just one!

With this acknowledged it’s time to get started on the best places to enjoy it:

Tablao Los Amayas

This small hall is the perfect place to introduce yourself to Spain’s favourite dance. The audience is capped at 80, giving an intimate and exciting feeling to the event. For seventy minutes spectators can delight in the magic of Moisés Navarro’s choreography. In summer, the height of the flamenco season, shows are nightly from 19:00 to 21:00.

Kelipe Centro

The gypsy soul of flamenco can be discovered at this delightful venue in the centre of Malaga’s old quarter. Visitors are treated to an intense and fiery show of dancers with the energy of the performers palpable for the entire show. The family of artists who run the spectacle has poured their passion for the dance form into a nightly show of the highest quality. For those who are interested in doing more than just watching, the centre also offers lessons. There is no better place to start honing the sharp moves of the art than in this hall at the heart of the old town.

The Flamenco Museum

After the rush of watching two flamenco shows, this museum is a fantastic way to ingratiate yourself into the cultural history of the art form. The impressive exhibition documents flamenco in forms that range from impressive rare artworks to records and videos. The collections help the viewer create a more rounded perspective to the observably fun side of the dance.

How to Get There

Luckily for you, Málaga is an incredibly easy destination to get to from the UK. Flight times are on average less than 3 hours and multiple UK airports fly to the Spanish city. Taxis from Málaga airport are undoubtedly the easiest way to get to your accommodation with travel times of around 20 minutes to the city centre.

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