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Veteran owned and operated business, Embleholics, provides customers with a superior experience with its wide range of challenge coins

Embleholics is one of the leading producers of challenge coins; with the veteran-owned business making a name for itself thanks to its wide range of challenge coins. The business has particularly become the toast of individuals and organizations that want a superior customer experience, with the unique combination of quality and affordability.

Custom challenge coins have become increasingly popular in recent times, helping holders to be as different as possible, allowing holders to “Break The Mold” and have something unique as opposed to the formulaic, mass-produced coins available all over the internet. However, many business and individuals that desire such treasure do not find it easily accessible due to the lack of capable artists and manufacturers that can create amazing art designs and subsequently reproduce such designs with faithful quality. This is where the Embleholics team is particularly different and helpful.

The dedicated team at Embleholics does not only search the planet for capable artists and manufacturers but also ensure excellence and perfection with each coin made, making it one of the most sought-after challenge coin producers around.

“Embleholics is more than a challenge coin producer – it is a veteran-owned business and we know our clients love that. It’s genuine, it’s making them feel unique because of the fact that we have so much experience and on top of that put in a lot of effort and love when creating a custom coin!”

Embleholics offers a wide range of customizable options that come in either plating options in shiny or antique. This includes nickel, black nickel, silver, brass, copper, and gold; and unique and infinite cutout shapes of any kind. The coin producer also makes 3D effects of anything and amazing custom bottle openers of different varieties. Embleholics also does key chains, lapel pins, cufflinks, poker chips, and belt buckles.

The services offered include Military coins, Air Force challenge coins, Police challenge coins, Law Enforcement challenge coins, Masonic challenge coins, and Army commanders coins.

Embleholics basically makes custom coin challenge easier and more unique than most people conceive, with an easy, affordable process.

More information about Embleholics and products offered can be found on the website.

About Embleholics

Embleholics is a challenge coin producer that has worked with military organizations, civilian companies, fire departments, and law enforcement agencies throughout the world to make great coins that are unique to each customer.NULL This article is copyright protected.


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