EliGreen: the green energy optimisation solution for your spaces


Is a solution to maximise your cultural or leisure facility Energy Optimisation

We connect ingenuity with cost reduction to provide you with a long-term management solution.

EliGreen provides the services you need:

> Reducing energy impact
> Reducing costs and energy consumption


> Calculate your break-even point in real time
> Reduce your energy costs
> Forecast changes with our predictor tool
> View use of renewable energy
> Create reports and analysis
> Organise schedules

EliGreen: the green energy optimisation solution for your spaces

* decision-making tools
* consumption predictors
* calculations of your profits in real time

Elisath, french leader in access controls, computerised ticketing and energy analysis

We have over 20 years of expertise in the field of ticketed access and facility management.
Our team of skilled engineers and dedication to R&D allow us to offer you a unique and innovative approach: EliGreen.

From the moment you launch it, EliGreen gives you a customisable real-time interface with the ability to adjust or adapt any item of operating data at any time.

Installing an Olympic swimming pool
EliGreen can reduce water consumption by 50%

Commercial building Head office of Elisath
EliGreen reduced gas consumption by 20%

Francis SIGRIST and  EliGreen, energy efficiency.

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