Ekkoblock Is The First Blockchain Soft Platform Connecting High-End Business Travelers


London, England, (June 3, 2018) – Ekkoblock, a software platform developed by the EKKOBLOCK announces a bold move to foster open partnership and innovation in business travel. The platform will support infrastructure to engage new industries by leveraging blockchain technologies.

EKKOBLOCK is a new, first of its kind open technology platform which strives to offer the essential services and transaction infrastructure to engage clients better. It also effectively allows access to additional markets. The software will offer complete support with fewer requirements to welcome every business travel and service providers be connected to each other. Ekkoblock is developed to realize a decentralized, open business platform based on three (3) basic services:

1.Global Currency Support. All major currencies will be supported in the ecosystem of EKKOBLOCK. It will eradicate the high-end business travelers to have a global wallet, which makes every vendor and user global.

2.Open Smart Solutions Platform. With Ekkoblock, every vendor and user can leverage the current smart contract tool to run their businesses. It will be supported by the platform’s blockchain based registry to develop a strong user profile.

3.Comprehensive and Secure User Profiles. The user profiles can be utilized to store vital personal information. It includes travel documents safely, biometric data and personal identification. These will be utilized for KYC as well as security clearance whenever traveling.

Ekkoblock allows all users and vendors to be directed to the most relevant business opportunities by establishing these fundamental services. They will be provided with the essential tools to engage those opportunities. Thus, they can concentrate their efforts on their strategic partners and customers.

All users of the platform can freely open an account to access the tools of the platform and be incentivize for constant use. All promotions, incentives, and rewards will be modified to the profile history of the user. It guarantees the value of every part that in turn supports further usage. It also leads to positive response loop which continuously boosts the value of benefits and rewards.

The token name EBKC is based on the Ethereum ERC-20 Standard. It will sell and purchase products/services and manage all kinds of rewards for user activity. The tokens are intended for professionals who deals with cryptocurrency tokens and blockchain-based software systems. EBKC were already available on HitBTC on 30th of May and can be traded up to 4.5x on the first day.

To learn more about Ekkoblock’s innovative platform, kindly visit their official website at http://www.ekkoblock.io.

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Ekkoblock, a software platform developed by the EKKOBLOCK announces a bold move to foster open partnership and innovation in business travel.

URL: http://www.ekkoblock.io


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