Eastco is enlivening the East African safaris and tours

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ARUSHA, TANZANIA (JUNE 9, 2018)- With the most beautiful landscapes and wildlife spectacles entwined together, Tanzania has much galore to offer to tourists. Eastco is indeed making the best of these experiences available to tourists through safaris specifically tailored to bring people closer to nature.

Spanning countries like Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Eastco is incorporating the best and the most cherishing experiences and is curating safaris to enable the tourists to get the true essence of East Africa. “We also prefer itineraries that are still “Off the Beaten Track” but provide the same traditional experiences, whether it be walking in the woodlands of the Tarangire ecosystem, hippo watching from a drifting dug out canoe on Lake Babati, mountain biking through the tea plantations and rainforests of the Amani Nature Reserve, sailing in an outrigger ngalawa on the Swahili coast, camping on the beach at Sadaani, wilderness game viewing in Mkomazi, a traditional lunch prepared by the Babati “bee ladies”, or enthralled by the guides at Kolo as they explain the mysteries of the ancient rock art found scattered throughout the hills.” In addition to this, the East African Safari and Touring Company is providing special lodges right in the lap of nature for tourists to get a wholesome experience while on the campsite.

For wildlife enthusiasts, Tanzania is a marvel and the most inviting place and Eastco is enhancing their trips with the most unforgettable Tanzaina Safari on offer. “EASTCO offers an exclusive chance to tourists, to truly experience everything Tanzania has to offer, from walking in the woodlands of the Tarangire ecosystem to a traditional lunch prepared by the Babati “bee ladies”, on to the serene drives at night which provide a glimpse into the moonlit beauty of Tanzania, there is something on offer for each tourist.” Through these incredible safaris, Eastco is covering bird viewing, orchids as well as wildlife to provide a highly versatile selection to choose from and also various options to cater to tourists with varied interests.

About Eastco:
Eastco is the veteran in organizing safaris across East Africa and offering experiences which range from walking in the woodlands, wildlife watching, mountain biking, fishing, cycling, canoeing and curating pure adrenaline rush experiences for tourists and other enthusiasts.

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Eastco offers multiple safaris and tours throughout East Africa allowing tourists to be in the hub of nature. With private as well as group departures, Eastco is increasingly becoming more popular among tourists.

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