Earring Hooks: Buy Or Make It Yourself?

Creating jewelry pieces using beads and wires is a great way to have a collection of fashionable accessories. This collection can be for your own use, given to others or sold for profit. While beads and jewelry findings are bought from online stores, such as pandahall.com and locally, some components can be made using materials that are already in your supplies. The earring hooks, for example, can be created in just a few steps.

When I was just starting my jewelry making hobby, I bought earring hooks and other supplies from pandahall.com and I was always satisfied with my purchases. However, while working with metals, a thought occurred to me: that I could make my own hooks. I needed to get some knowledge (perhaps from the web). After some days of practice and a lot of patience, I can safely say now that my efforts paid off. I would like to share this knowledge with you now that I have perfected creating this hook.

You will need only 3 things: (1) a wire cutter, (2) 2 pieces of wire and (3) a pre-made earring hook, to serve as your guide. You first cut a piece of wire with your wire cutter. At the start, refer to the pre-made hook for the length and also design, until your technique has been mastered. Make a perfect loop by gripping one wire end with the tip of your pliers and twisting it, guided by your thumb. Now, create the upper curve of your earring hook by gripping the wire above the loop and twisting it. Then slightly bend the wire just like in pre-made hooks. Repeat the process that you did with the first, so you can have a pair of matching earring hooks.

I have a tip for you. This technique can also be applied to your other jewelry creations like clasps. You just slip this hook through a loop and you’re done and ready to go.

If you’d rather buy your earring hooks at pandahall.com, you need to choose the material that you would like to use for your project. It can be gold, sterling silver or silver. The sterling silver is of better quality, so it can cost more than the other two. You should also determine the length that you will purchase (perhaps it will depend on the number of earring hooks that you intend to make). Popular local stores are selling wires and other supplies for handcrafter earring projects and you can always visit those shops and get your supplies there.

However, if you are going to start a business of producing earring hooks, it is better to use the internet and find online shops that will sell to you in bulk at wholesale prices. You can check pandahall.com for other options on earring hooks that will help you and your business. Good quality at wholesale prices can save you a lot of money, so your production costs will be much lower and give you greater profit margins.

Earring hooks are available with Pandahall.com at bargain prices.

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